Readers have given their thoughts on the housing crisis after a councillor said that "ambitious" efforts were needed to tackle the issue.

The National Housing Federation has published its People in Housing Need annual report revealing that one in five children in England are living in overcrowded, unsuitable or unaffordable homes.

NHF found that 8.5 million people in England are experiencing some from of unmet housing need. Nearly two million children are experiencing some form of housing need.

Carlisle City Councillor for Denton Holme and Morton South Ruth Alcroft said that the "Government needs to encourage high standards through the planning process" and that "Local Government should be enabled to build houses as they were in the post-war period".

She added: "Housing associations need to maintain high standards and private landlords need to make sure they are fulfilling their duties.

"This is all possible and would make a huge difference to people's lives but as a society we need to prioritise it. I would love to be ambitious."

Here's what you, the readers, had to say:

David Eyley said: "We apparently have plenty of empty properties around Carlisle, and probably some other West Cumbrian towns too, so why not do them up? Be cheaper than building from new, and also less green belt land destroyed (which is yet another issue!).

Keith Cartwright said: "Interesting thoughts. [The] UK needs to set a minimum size for houses, currently there isn’t one.

"Local authorities sold off their housing stock to housing associations to [save] money.

"Private landlords need to be brought up to the same standards as associations.

"A government-run home building initiative needs to be run – this would provide jobs a platform for training and much needed houses."

John Knox made his thoughts on the matter clear, adding: "Both parties have been in power and this has become a disgrace."