He's only small but Charlie Gargett is aiming for the stars.

The five-year-old, who is a member of the theatre school Razzamataz Minis in Penrith, has been accepted onto the books of the Top Talent Agency, which has branches across the UK.

Charlie, a pupil at High Hesket School, attended auditions in Manchester – to get onto the agency’s books – during half term.

More than 600 children took part in the auditions with the agency.

Charlie’s acceptance letter said: “Thank you for attending our auditions for Top Talent Agency this month. We saw more than 600 children and teens between our London, Manchester and Hertfordshire auditions and we were very impressed with the level of talent and we found it extremely difficult to choose.

"We can only take on a small percentage of children in each category and I am pleased to say that we would like to offer you representation in our acting division of Top Talent Agency.

“Congratulations! You did really well and we think that they have a good chance of gaining castings and work.”

Charlie, who lives in Armathwaite with his mum Samantha, dad Richard, sister Tasha and brother Nathan, must now attend an official photo shoot in Manchester.

Mrs Gargett said: “Charlie has gone to the Razz classes for more than a year.

“He’s very pleased to have been signed up and is looking forward to having his pictures taken. He really wants to get onto the TV.”

A spokeswoman for Razzmatazz said: “We are delighted to announce that Charlie Gargett from our Minis has been accepted onto Top Talent Agency’s books.

“Huge congratulations Charlie, from everyone at Razz.”

Top Talent Agency was established in 2008. Each year it places hundreds of children in top TV, film and commercial roles, as well as modelling jobs and roles in West End theatre.