A couple of Cumbrian entrepreneurs who have created their own range of outdoor equipment are hoping to become a premier brand on the market.

Lewis Harrison and Josh Hascamp, friends from Keswick, decided to start up their Tuffbag business after noting that they couldn’t stop their kit and clothes from staying damp when out in the lakes and mountains.

Discussing the creation of the brand, Lewis said: “We couldn’t keep any of our belongings dry. We found an issue where our rucksacks weren’t fully waterproof so decided to make our own which would ensure the entire bag was waterproof.”

As you see when you walk around the Lake District there’s waterproof sacks with a cover on them or not, meaning people must use plastic or dry bags or they end up with wet kit, none of which are ideal. So that’s why we started, to have a full range of waterproof equipment available.”

Their work has not gone unnoticed, with Lewis sharing: “We managed to secure some investment from a group in Sheffield. We also have some manufacturing work in the Far East.”

The high-quality production of their stock has not gone unnoticed, with major outdoor stores Blacks and Millets both supplying Tuffbag equipment. The pair still get excited when they see their items in these stores, with Lewis responding: “Absolutely. We’re now in every outdoor store in the UK.”

Josh continued: “I actually saw somebody walk through town with an original Tuffbag backpack the other day and I was absolutely buzzing from that.”

The company website allows you to purchase items from clothing and swimming floats to rucksacks and duffel bags. When asked where the duo would like to see themselves in the future, they joked: “We’d like to be the outdoors version of Gymshark.

We’d like to think that we can be an outdoor lifestyle brand. If you were to take our bag to work and others saw you with it then we’d hope you are seen as someone who enjoys evenings out, going for walks and enjoying the sunset rather than being sat in a bar or in a cinema not fully experiencing life.”