A MAN from Penrith who collected and distributed cards to thank NHS staff has been congratulated by The Queen.

Cameron Stewart received a letter from the Queen’s Lady in Waiting thanking him for the campaign he set up to collect an incredible 3050 cards that went to 14 hospitals to thank NHS staff for their work during the pandemic.

The 21-year-old was surprised when he opened the letter, he said: "I was really proud and it was a fantastic feeling just to know that Her Majesty had read about what our local community had done.

"Being able to share the news with the people who supported the campaign in Penrith and across Cumbria and giving Cumbria that spotlight for it's kindness - it was a really nice feeling to share that positivity with others."

Cameron had the support from schools and businesses in the area and received the letter from Annabel Whitehead on the 73rd anniversary of the NHS.

"I'm really proud at how such a simple idea can grow into such a huge campaign," he said.

"Somebody said to me if you think of an idea for people to support and get behind - they really will do.

"Because it takes one person to get the ball rolling but once you do that so many people come to help.

"Just that concept of making homemade cards, you don't need any sort of skill, it's just simply using your expression to do what you want to.

"It's something that's brought so much happiness and joy to the staff to know that the community truly appreciates what they do."

Cameron has always been inspired by charity work and helping the community in different ways.

Last October he realised that many people wouldn't be able to see family at Christmas.

He set up the Christmas Care Homes campaign that pledged to give gifts and cards to residents and carers across Penrith and it was a huge success.

Cameron will be taking part in the Great North Run this September to raise money for the Calvert Trust, he said: "I've got a couple of friends who work for it and they do such a fantastic job and it would be great to help give local charities a boost because it truly benefits people and gives them more opportunities."