Paragon Vets is proud to announce that the extension of the facilities at Carlisle House in Dalston is nearing completion.

The new facilities have been designed to be harmonious with the historic building as well as providing state of the art, modern veterinary facilities.

There has been a veterinary practice in Dalston since 1938 and it has served many generations of Cumbrians and their pets.

The practice first moved into Carlisle House in 1994. Before being a veterinary practice, the building had many guises including an orphanage, a vicarage and a masonic meeting place.

In 2011 the building was expanded to provide a spacious waiting area, with separate sections for cats and dogs, as well as new consulting rooms allowing thorough examinations of several animals at once.

“The new expansion provides the practice with excellent new facilities to care for inpatients. The separate cat and dog wards will improve welfare for the pets in our care and the new surgical and diagnostic facilities will serve the pets of Cumbria well for years to come,” said a spokesman.

The new facilities are staffed by the same friendly, caring team well known to our clients. The same staff provide the out of hours emergency service 24/7 at the same location.

“We can’t wait to open the doors on the extension and show members of the public the level of care we can offer for their animals,” said head nurse Karen MacDonald.

When the facilities open before the end of the year, Paragon Vets will be offering free tours to any member of the public that would like to see them.

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