Teenage Oliver Dawson making mountains of progress


Carlisle's Oliver Dawson has left his mark on the cycling world this year.

Dawson, who is a member of Border City Wheelers, competed in the National Junior Mountain Bike series and finished third, narrowly behind second-placed Cameron Mason.

The 18-year-old had been juggling his cycling commitments with his school work as he studied at William Howard School in Brampton

“He has just finished his A-Levels,” Linda, Oliver’s mum, said. “He was studying for his A-Levels and then training three times a week or so during the week. He has put a heck of a lot of effort in. He is pretty committed.”

Teenager Dawson also cycles on the road, too, but it is mountain biking that is his true passion.

Linda said: “He does do road biking now, as well. But it is especially the mountain biking that he is taking more of an interest in.

“He is the Northern Champion, as well. The road cycling is really training for his mountain biking.”

Competing in the national championships has also meant that Dawson, of Brampton, has had to do his fair share of travelling to events, too.

“In the National Championships, we have been to just outside London and Portsmouth,” Linda added.

“We go up to Scotland quite regularly, as well, and not just for races but for training, too.”

Next year, Dawson will be making the step-up and will be cycling as a senior after signing-off his junior cycling career in style this summer.

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