Saturday, 28 November 2015

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The reality is many MPs are way out of touch

White van tweet photo It wasn’t until everything kicked off, that I realised I’d been missing the whole white van point by miles – and for a very long time.

Last updated 25 November 2014
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Time to give Dr Ros a little stick

If, like me, you’ve had occasion to issue the annoying whine: “Slow down; it’s my knees again!” you might have a bit of sympathy for Dr Ros Altmann. (1 comment)

Last updated 18 November 2014
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They died for us, don’t forget them

Armistice Day and across the country, as silence falls briefly for moments of deep contemplation, the ugly spectre of war hangs in the air like a pall.

Last updated 11 November 2014
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We don't need any more poisons

Stretch the imagination a bit and picture a cosy winter’s evening with family and friends at the local. (2 comments)

Last updated 4 November 2014
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Dementia? I only came in with flu!

Anyone who has yet to experience trouble booking an early appointment with their GP must have been out of the country for the last five years – or landed recently from Mars without a parking permit. (2 comments)

Last updated 30 October 2014
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Rehabilitation the purpose of prison

Let’s talk about rape. Is that still allowed or is the conversation we need, hurtling towards a new taboo – of which we’re all too terrified to speak? (3 comments)

Last updated 21 October 2014
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Latest topless scene was 'most vulnerable' I have been as actor, says Carlisle's Roxanne Pallett

Roxanne photo Several celebrities have complained that their naked photos have been hacked and posted online. (8 comments)

Last updated 20 October 2014
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Auctioneer in bid for panto stardom?

LG reiver131014h These are exciting times for Paul Laidlaw. Paul, who owns Laidlaw Auctioneers in Carlisle, is a regular expert on BBC programmes Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip.

Last updated 15 October 2014
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Is it really dreams we want... or fear factor?

shanghai1310 EYEBROWS have been raised at the choice of Dreams by Gabrielle as the music Carlisle United run out to before home matches. This is a far cry from most clubs’ pre-match tunes. These are usually designed to set hearts pounding, whether rock songs or strident classical like Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. There is surely a case for Carlisle to capitalise on its reputation as an outpost far from civilisation. Instead of music played over the PA system, let’s have people clad in animal skins banging drums as the teams emerge.

Last updated 15 October 2014
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Carlisle, stop moaning - and start helping...

Carlisle: City of... please fill in the blanks. Well, somebody should – and soon. (17 comments)

Last updated 23 September 2014
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Professor falls into Twitter trap

The Twitter trap claims its victims without mercy. Sometimes cruelly, rarely coldly, it awaits the unwary with an insatiable hunger for instant, humiliating judgement – and drags them in with alarming regularity.

Last updated 16 September 2014
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Don’t throw ice water at me - it’s too precious

I have an ice bucket – a particularly lovely one – which originally came with two Champagne flutes and a bottle of Lauren-Perrier Champagne. (6 comments)

Last updated 3 September 2014
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Will we learn our lessons?

No local authority anywhere could honestly assert that – given the choice between protecting its own back or the lives of vulnerable children – frightened youngsters would always come first.

Last updated 3 September 2014
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Memorial cross can be viewed as both wrong and right

Peter Nelson photo The furious controversy that now rages around a crucifix in Workington pitches some troubling questions into our midst – none of which yet have satisfactory answers. (11 comments)

Last updated 26 August 2014
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Let’s all eradicate failure (and August)

I don’t like August. I’ve never liked August – it’s a sad and disappointing month. For a start, everybody with children abandons real life and work to hit the holiday trail – leaving the few long-suffering childless to man the barricades until they return with their tans, improved golf handicaps and jolly beach stories. (2 comments)

Last updated 20 August 2014
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It’s all gone south for us northerners

I never was very good at Geography. All that geology and savannah grasslands was dull. (21 comments)

Last updated 7 August 2014
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The politicians should have been given the guns and told to settle their differences themselves

Harry Patch photo Harry Patch died in his home county of Somerset in July 2009. He was 111 years and 38 days old and was credited with being the last surviving soldier to have fought in the First World War.

Last updated 7 August 2014
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Come and ‘av a go if you think you’re Hardknott enough

My dad’s bigger than your dad. Reiver was reminded of this level of debate by an article on The Guardian newspaper’s website.

Last updated 5 August 2014
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Must we end up in terminal decline?

We’re not very good with big pictures in Cumbria. There’s something in the DNA that resists them – a built in mechanism that swats them away, as we might flail angrily at annoying bluebottles. (6 comments)

Last updated 30 July 2014
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Represent us on parking charges

On-street car parking charges in Carlisle lurched closer this week. County councillors representing Carlisle agreed to introduce the scheme which has caused widespread outrage and opposition across Cumbria. (4 comments)

Last updated 24 July 2014
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