Friday, 09 October 2015

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Chancellor has huge task to get cold and debt-ridden back on side

George Osborne photo Debt – the modern-day plague that is infecting more and more of us. We discovered this week that more than 1,500 families in our region owe more than £3million in debts.

Last updated 5 December 2013
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Eh? Some sympathy for smokers?

Mention cigarettes and you can count down in less than a minute to the flare of blazing fury that’s sure to follow. (5 comments)

Last updated 3 December 2013
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Taking away what we never wanted anyway

Richard Rhodes photo Oh dear, here we go again. Just when you think all the angry shouting is subsiding, up pops a noisy voice of dissent demanding to be heard. (1 comment)

Last updated 26 November 2013
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Let’s not be bitter... but it’s one Hull of a dodgy decision

I went to Hull once. Didn’t like it much... doubt I’ll be going again. Mind you, that was years ago, when Hull was in its heyday and smelled of fish.

Last updated 22 November 2013
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Gambling with lives

Prof John Ashton photo You have to hand it to John Ashton – he sure knows how to whip up a storm. The professor is, of course, very well practised in the art of provocation. During his years as public health director in Cumbria, he was never for a minute mistaken for a shrinking violet. (4 comments)

Last updated 20 November 2013
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Make the magic happen at Xmas

Do I remember every single gift I received as a child at Christmas? The short answer is, absolutely not... though the record player and Beatles For Sale LP were definite highlights.

Last updated 12 November 2013
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Service with a scowl is fine by me

smalleymg711 It's usually your mam and dad who embarrass you.

Last updated 7 November 2013
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Rape crisis campaign highlights deeper issue

It’s no secret (at least I hope not) that the News & Star is appealing for emergency funds to rescue Rape Crisis Cumbria from closure.

Last updated 5 November 2013
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A desperate plea for a desperate situation

Rape crisis logo A beautiful county, with sensational landscapes and a renowned reputation for friendly, helpful communities. But Cumbria hides a dark and worrying shame.

Last updated 29 October 2013
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This Cumbrian cop show was a festival of daftness

Stuart Hyde tweets grab Beware all you of nervous disposition, prudish sensitivities – oh and you whispering senior police officers – I’m about to use foul language. Cockrock! Swimming trunks! Pies! By heck, I feel better for that.

Last updated 22 October 2013
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You’d have to be mad to think this strike will work

What’s the word...? Logic, dovetailing, interlacing, planning, intelligence, joined-up-thinking? Whichever it is, we’re not very good at it here. (4 comments)

Last updated 16 October 2013
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Ed speaking, not his father Ralph

edmiliband810 Ed Miliband was almost breathless when he first spoke to defend his father’s memory. (3 comments)

Last updated 8 October 2013
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When is a slut not a slut? Ask Godfrey

Sluts and tarts. Sound like a new party game? Well, in a sense it is now. A party political game... thanks to Godfrey Bloom. (5 comments)

Last updated 24 September 2013
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It's true, eveything does come back into fashion

postief1 The Government’s plans to sell off the Royal Mail have reminded me of my school days. Way back then privatisation was all the rage. (1 comment)

Last updated 17 September 2013
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Give cycling fans an easy ride on Monday

Mark Cavendish photo Lycra fever has gripped the Green household as we all countdown to the Tour of Britain coming to the county on Monday.

Last updated 12 September 2013
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Romance and nostalgia count for little in the end

I didn’t know Carlisle when the old Lonsdale was doing her heyday thing. Neither as theatre, cinema nor bingo venue did she impress. (1 comment)

Last updated 11 September 2013
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Who teaches the teachers?

Another school term starts with yet another shift of goalposts, which must jar on teachers’ nerves like fingernails on a blackboard. (18 comments)

Last updated 4 September 2013
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Please prove me wrong, for the sake of taxpayers

For no other reason than wanting to get a building angry anxiety out of my system, I share with you the following imagined scenario. (2 comments)

Last updated 27 August 2013
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Always go out with a smile

The trouble with trying to be cheerful is people think you’re mad – in an eccentrically harmless kind of way – but mad all the same.

Last updated 23 August 2013
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Full-time mums I respect you - but please don’t expect me to pay for you

At risk of stirring a hornets’ nest and being stung mercilessly with barbed hatred and derision, I have something to confess. (20 comments)

Last updated 20 August 2013
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