Monday, 30 November 2015

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Treat Cumbria with a little more respect

Should we have a highly radioactive waste repository in Cumbria?

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Jamie Reed: ‘It would change our community for the good and forever’

It makes sense to bury all the mess as close as possible to the site that produces most of it.

And most of the people who took part in a public survey have backed the move.

But it just strikes me that it is another part of the gradual grim industrialisation of the county.

Why not take years and years to dig a great enormous pit and have countless numbers of heavy lorries trundling across our crumbling roads.

We’ve already got pylons and turbines marching across the countryside, obliterating skylines and views, what difference will it make?

Just think of the jobs to be created, the money that will pour in for the building and the cash we’ll get for hosting the dump. Conscience money from the Government.

I’m not a complete cave-dwelling reactionary.

We shouldn’t treat the county as a museum, as some sacred thing that cannot be changed and must be preserved in aspic.

We have to provide energy for ourselves for the future and we have to make sure we clean up our mess properly and safely and don’t leave it for future generations.

We need jobs in the region, sustainable, worthwhile jobs for decent pay.

But we have to do this in consideration of the countryside, not in conflict with it.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed can see no wrong in the development.

Quite the opposite.

He believes it will transform the county into a land of milk and honey.

According to him it would “...leverage billions of pounds into the local economy. The investment package from government would be unique and unprecedented – it would change our community for the good and forever. We would become one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, the economic opportunities would be remarkable and we would see an across the board rise in public health, educational attainment and other key indicators...”


The only thing missing from his prediction for a golden glowing future is that the new dump will also lead to world harmony, an end to all discrimination, provide a cure for cancer and put an end to want and starvation across the world.

According to the survey, most people in the west of the county approve of the development.

I’m not completely convinced by all the arguments used.

I’d just like our county to be treated with a bit more respect by central government, for them, industrialists and developers to show more consideration and compassion for where we live.

That could mean spending extra money on burying cables and pipelines, resurfacing or rebuilding roads and providing the proper infrastructure and services needed.

We’ve magically found billions of pounds to finance the Olympics and the security measures needed.

Not a penny is being spared for an event that lasts less than a month.

Mr Reed and the county’s other MPs should ensure that the Government adopts the same attitude over the creation, safety and maintenance of the repository if it eventually goes ahead.


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