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Friday, 18 April 2014

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So dear old Queenie, Corrie or Eastenders?

What’s wrong with us knowing what the dear old Queen thinks? Why can’t we be told whether she reckons we should build a bypass round Shrewsbury, have weekly bin collections or deport some hateful, evil loon intent on causing damage to this country, its people and his own religion of Islam?

The Beeb has got itself into a right old lather after its security correspondent Frank Gardner blabbed about a private conversation he had with the Queen about the hate preacher Abu Hamza.

The Beeb headlined radio and news bulletins with an apology, said it had been guilty of a ‘breach of confidence’ by reporting the details – but made sure they repeated the comments made by her maj every time.

During a live radio interview, Gardner said the Queen had told him of her frustration that Hamza had been left free to “use this country as a platform for his very violent, hateful views”.

Gardner said: ‘The Queen was pretty upset that there was no way to arrest him. She couldn’t understand – surely there must be some law that he broke.

“Well, sure enough there was. He was eventually convicted and sentenced to seven years for soliciting murder and racial hatred.”

The BBC correspondent said that the Queen had also voiced her concerns to the Home Secretary at the time.

“I wouldn’t say she was necessarily lobbying, that’s not for me to say, but like anybody else she was upset that her country and her subjects had been denigrated by this man who was using this country as a platform for his very violent, hateful views,” added Gardner.

So what exactly is the problem here?

Why can’t we know what the Queen thinks about certain issues?

Why do we only get to hear her views at Christmas time when they’re limited to 10 minutes of dull droning. Is that to make sure we have a good nap after Christmas dinner?

The Queen is the figurehead of our country, shouldn’t she have a duty to tell us what she thinks on the great issues of the day?

She has a weekly audience with the PM, why can’t we be told what they discussed?

She isn’t elected, so she won’t lose any votes and we’re constantly told that neither she nor any of her extensive family influence Government policy or approach on any issues.

So what’s the harm in her voicing her two penn’orth?

Should we have bid for the Olympics? Has she downloaded Nick Clegg’s apology song? Does she prefer EastEnders or Corrie?

Just why was Abu Hamza allowed to stay free for so long without being tried and why wasn’t he sent packing to a country he might like to live in – like Syria or Iran?

Maybe if we heard from Queenie a bit more, it would strengthen the bond between her and her people.

Both the Queen and, the quite brilliant, Frank have come out of this fuss-about-nothing very well.

The Queen has been shown to be up-to-date on the news and to reflect the general mood of the nation at the time.

Frank, yet again, has provided a unique insight into an issue that still has many people concerned.

He has realised he took a step too far and has apologised properly. Not like some politicians...

The only way we’ll know if the Queen cares two hoots about all this is when the next lot of mostly useless honours are handed out. Will Frank, who has an OBE, be on the list for a knighthood?

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It is hardly likely that the queen will start to express her person opinions, so why suggest that she would. Having said that it wouldn't surprise me if some comment were passed about the disrespectful way the article makes reference to our long serving Queen.I think the response to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations shows there to be a very strong bond between Her Majesty and the people of Great Britain.

Posted by British Citizen on 1 October 2012 at 15:46

After reading this article should the question not be Eastenders or Corrie opposed to Corrie or Eastenders. Think carefully about it people the more intellegent of people will realise what I mean and the irony in it. D.Pumperump (80)

Posted by The Great and Magnificent (Very Modest) Donald Pumperump (80) on 30 September 2012 at 16:45

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