Tuesday, 01 December 2015

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Put it in a bin - not a body-bag

I’ve never liked seagulls since one attacked my 99 cornet on the beach at St Anne’s. It had “monkey blood” (raspberry sauce) on it – and hundreds and thousands. A holiday special.

I was six. Too young to fend off an attack by something with a 40ft wingspan. I was very upset.

I’ve not got to the point where I see them and run for my life, like an Alfred Hitchcock extra.

But I really don’t like them.

They’re not dumb birds, they know easy pickings when they see them and are prepared to eat just about anything.

That’s why they follow the trawlers to pick off the dead by-catch (ask Eric Cantona).

That’s why they feed off the worms in a freshly ploughed field.

That is why they mob rubbish tips and tear open bin bags left out on our streets for collection.

Some parts of Carlisle are left looking like a huge open air takeaway, or the start of a massive new rubbish tip.

We can’t hope to turn the city into a tourist attraction if it looks like this.

The situation has got so bad in Carlisle that the city council has now decided that it is prepared to pay out £70,000 to provide tough new “gull-proof bags” and new wheelie bins for some of its residents.

Councillors deserve praise for taking action but surely the answer is to scrap the idea of leaving any bags out on the pavement?

It’s not just messy looking to have the bags piled up, ready for collection, it’s downright unhygienic.

And they’re a magnet for pests – not just gulls, but foxes, rats, mice and wandering dogs.

Will the gull-proof sacks stand up to the teeth and tearing of these animals as well.

Wouldn’t it simply be easier to issue all householders with a sturdy bin to wheel out onto the street?

When I lived in a terraced house, we had a bin which was wheeled up and down the ginnel.

If there’s absolutely no way for a home to store a bin, how about parking large-sized communal ones at the end of the road or cul-de-sac? Or they could be positioned in a parking zone.

They might cost slightly more than the toughened plastic sacks, but they would last much longer, provide much better protection against pests of all kinds and look better than a reusable bag that looks as though it has a body stuffed into it.

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you all complain about it but all the while you are buying fish from supermarkets,fish stalls etc just think why these birds have come inland for food.TRAWLERS AND ILLEGAL FISHING.theres not enough food for them.fact!they also dive bomb for fish not just rely on trawlers.why would people be put off by these in carlisle it just gives day trippers the impression they are somewhere good cos years ago you would find gulls in an exciting place.commen sense also tells you cos they feed on rubbish there aint going to be rats and foxes because there will be nothing left from a ruptured bin bag.if you dont have a wheelie bin then your rubbish should be stored in a garden where gulls wont venture so it will be all intact for 7am on your collection day.people complain bout getting attacked and why?they think its ok to try and feed them in a stupid maanner.whos to blame?hmmmfact is we are taking their food so they are coming to us to get fed,not rocket science is it.

Posted by marie on 14 September 2013 at 00:53

i work in carlisle starting at 0500, the place is a mess with burst bin bags and pavement vomit, but all credit to the street cleaners its cleared up in no time.all day long there going round tidying up after people who think it ok to throw away their rubbish instead of walking a few feet to a bin.good job done guys

Posted by dougie buchanan on 6 September 2013 at 07:33

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