Wednesday, 02 September 2015

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Anne Pickles

Cumbria crime commissioner’s post should cop it

Stuart Hyde photo Time, they always say, is a great healer. Its inevitable passage is also a mischievous distorter of memory.

Last updated 18 February 2014
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What’s happened to the love-in that was Cumbria Day?

Complicated business, this romance malarkey. Messy too, unless you know how to keep your wits about you.

Last updated 14 February 2014
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Home should be where the heart is

Around the world there are shocking natural disasters – the kind that leave devastated victims without homes, sustenance or faith in future comfort. (4 comments)

Last updated 11 February 2014
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I stopped a test match without need to strip off

There’s a man somewhere who is collecting football stadia the way Copeland folks are said to be collecting calories. He’s visiting as many as he can in his allotted lifetime, which appears to impress football fans hugely. Me, less so – which is probably why I can neither recall his name nor remember where he’s from.

Last updated 7 February 2014
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They should not be allowed to get away Scot free

Can’t say I’m entirely up to speed with this Scottish independence thing. Referendum rows are beginning to feel like a party to which nobody thought to invite me.

Last updated 1 February 2014
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Scamology... the science of making money smartly

The findings of some fascinating scientific research were released this week – the like of which we haven’t seen since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in his bread bin.

Last updated 24 January 2014
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If only English politicians spent longer in bed too

Sacrebleu! These French politicians are so outrageously naughty – and wickedly unapologetic too. François Hollande, France’s womanising president, has been playing away – in a very Parisian fashion – with a leggy actress, no less. (2 comments)

Last updated 21 January 2014
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When cool-headed logic beats passion hands down

I remember passion. It used to get me into all kinds of trouble. But I was younger and sillier and given to displays of feet-stamping tantrums then... weren’t we all?

Last updated 17 January 2014
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Is dad-of-22 Raymond Hull to blame for cashing in?

pthullreginaldddd By now everyone will know of Raymond Hull. Everyone, that is, who hasn’t been busy burrowing to the centre of the earth or flitting to a newly mortgaged home on Mars.

Last updated 14 January 2014
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Oh sugar! Something else to start feeling guilty about

Putting the cat among shame-faced pigeons, a health conscious harbinger of doom has given us something else to add to our weighty guilt-trip list. (2 comments)

Last updated 10 January 2014
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The results of going green

sm carburgh In howling gales and lashing rain – this winter’s scarily bizarre default conditions – the weekend’s dutiful recycling exercise was less than pleasant.

Last updated 7 January 2014
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Taking the plunge is not my idea of a hangover cure

By my reckoning, 2014 starts in earnest on Monday – which is January 6 in old money – because until the first full working week of the year starts, nobody can be expected to know what day it is.

Last updated 3 January 2014
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More, and less, of the same in 2014 please

nigella1612 On a day like today it’s impossible not to look back with just a little fondness... and maybe a bit of relief too.

Last updated 31 December 2013
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Here’s to an imperfect Oopsy Daisy Christmas

He wasn’t fooling me. Though he laughed scornfully, he was as proud as Punch – his little girl was making her stage debut.

Last updated 20 December 2013
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‘Just like the onesie I used to know...’

We’re right in the thick of it now. No winter wonderland yet but the season of goodwill and bad tempers is definitely upon us.

Last updated 13 December 2013
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Competition culture left nurse celebrating ‘win’

Her pale, unhappy little face was one I hardly recognised – though I had known and loved its features all my life.

Last updated 10 December 2013
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Eh? Some sympathy for smokers?

Mention cigarettes and you can count down in less than a minute to the flare of blazing fury that’s sure to follow. (5 comments)

Last updated 3 December 2013
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Being flawed no reason not to be outed as fabulous

Margaret Harrison  photo It has been a big week for women of substance. Even as a man, you’d have to admit that. This week, girls have been on top (and I do hope you’ll pardon the expression). They’ve been positioned precisely where great girls always should be.

Last updated 29 November 2013
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Taking away what we never wanted anyway

Richard Rhodes photo Oh dear, here we go again. Just when you think all the angry shouting is subsiding, up pops a noisy voice of dissent demanding to be heard. (1 comment)

Last updated 26 November 2013
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Let’s not be bitter... but it’s one Hull of a dodgy decision

I went to Hull once. Didn’t like it much... doubt I’ll be going again. Mind you, that was years ago, when Hull was in its heyday and smelled of fish.

Last updated 22 November 2013
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