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Sunday, 29 March 2015

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You’re not a snob Katie. Just thick

What's in a name? Would not a Chardonnay by any other name smell as tempting as a Chablis?

Don’t ask me. The self-proclaimed expert on such matters is one Katie Hopkins, a former Apprentice contestant who is busy carving out a career for herself as an excruciatingly annoying semi-celebrity.

Is “semi” overstating her status? Hmm, probably. But she was making a good fist of the annoying part of the deal when she appeared on ITV’s This Morning to give her opinions – shriekingly – on children with “lower class” names.

No-hopers all of them.

And It’s perfectly acceptable to judge a child by his or her first name... lest some of their stigma rubs off on your own darling offspring.

Blighted by the crudity of being called Chardonnay, Tyler, Kylie, Chantelle, Paris, Brooklyn, they’re going nowhere further than to rack and ruin.

She fits for this important guardianship of truth and honesty because she’s a reality TV regular. And somehow they seem now to qualify as the voice of the people – the silent majority.

Silent for good reason, if you listen to the bilge Ms Hopkins spouts.

“In this PC country filled to bursting with human rights and health and safety laws, there are things you are just not supposed to say anymore,” she opines.

“Everyone wants to be liked. Politicians used to be leaders. Now they follow voters, desperate for a tick in a box...” unlike those in The Apprentice and I’m A Celebrity, Leave Me In The Jungle.

So, she would never allow her children to play with kids who are named after places, wines, pop stars or Disney characters. Katie doesn’t like that and she doesn’t want her kids mixing with their sort. They might catch something nasty.

“If it makes me a snob to say this, then yes, I am a snob,” she asserts.

Not a snob at all Katie. Just stupid, poor love. Snobs tend to be a little more picky about how they earn their money. Slagging off children because they don’t like their names, would tend not to be one of them.

“Frustrated by all this PC claptrap, I stand up for what I believe in. I will call out the lazy, the idle and the ignorant. I will support the hard working, the industrious and the law...”

And Ant and Dec, Alan Sugar and the casting director of the next Big Brother.

The worrying bit is that, so long as they’re paid to occupy a sofa and spout with as much venom as they can muster, they’ll have an audience, however nonsensical their arguments.

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Everytime I read Ann Pickles I think I've been tele-ported back to the 1950s. To para-phrase: "Good sensible names, that's what children need. John, Ian, Mary, Ann. Otherwise they'll grow up damaged." Ann, as someone who clearly has their finger on the pulse of a modern Britain, I think you are wasted on a provincial northern newspaper.

Posted by SarahM on 30 July 2013 at 13:15

God forbid those low class kids with names based derived from drinks and places should end up sitting on a sofa on national TV desperately trying to get some attention by saying 'controversial/stupid' things with no regard for how embarrassingly, cringe-worthy they appear to others (including their family and in this case her own kids)! One would assume a self-proclaimed 'snob' might be able to use their intelligence to earn money. Just my humble opinion of course.

Posted by Lambrini Blackpool on 18 July 2013 at 13:30

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