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Friday, 25 April 2014

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Who cares if Harry was naked anyway?

So silly. So utterly and inarguably ridiculous. Come now... you really do have to laugh.

Silly boy: But why did The Sun go wild about Harry?

That something so precious as media freedom; an entitlement so treasured as inalienable democratic privilege, should be argued over something as pitifully irrelevant as a naked prince – well, it’s just plain daft.

Also, terribly British, of course. From such a little thing little – Sorry, Harry but you know what I mean – a great deal is now at risk.

Like the silly young man’s Las Vegas shenanigans, the whole sorry business is simultaneously hilarious and tragic. And it will, of course, end in tears.

Clumsy flat feet have trampled all over those delicacies we once knew and understood as our freedom of expression, our right to know and the public interest.

Now nobody seems to know anything except that a tabloid newspaper, more used to showing pictures of naked women, chose to publish a photo of a naked man for precisely the same reasons – commercial advantage.

Then it offered a worthy, weighty, positively pompous defence of press freedom and public interest for shifting page three to page one and changing sex. No one was fooled.

Strictly speaking The Sun’s argument holds water. Snatched pictures of Harry in the altogether in his Vegas hotel room had been seen by millions all over the world on the internet.

Strictly speaking, The Palace probably was pushing its luck asking British newspaper editors not to publish. The Press Complaints Commission maybe did overstep the mark in rushing to advise against publication of what had been an invasion of privacy.

All that was always going to be a red rag to a red-top bull. And strictly speaking The Sun had every right to robustly defend its decision.

But who the hell wants to waste time speaking strictly abut a partying prince who can’t keep his trousers zipped on holiday and who has apparently developed a taste for “strip billiards”?

The precarious position of and fierce fight for press freedom in this country surely deserves a more important cause celebre than a re-enactment of the emperor’s new clothes – even with a few opportunist women thrown in for good measure.

Has anyone been shocked and appalled to learn – from the internet – that underneath his clothes, Prince Harry wears a naked body? Did anybody rock back on their heels in horror to be told young Royals misbehave not only when they think nobody’s watching, but also when they know everybody will be?

No. And again no. This ludicrous argument for the right to know has as much to do with public interest as my bra cup size.

Lord Justice Leveson – wisely refusing to comment on the building furore – will soon release his recommendations for reclaiming and/or maintaining press standards.

Right now press freedom teeters on a knife edge. It is too precious to be forced off balance by a privileged party-animal with exhibitionist tendencies and an exploitative national newspaper with blind determination not to be outdone.

Let’s hope Lord Leveson recognises that and – whatever else he decides – quietly advises Prince Harry to learn that he serves his country best when he keeps his clothes on.

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@ilokid - good post, and will hopefully quieten down a few of those who think Harry can never do any wrong!

@Trevor Long and others saying it's 'great', or it's 'normal', or 'I'd of done the same'......well chances are you wouldn't have done the same as the government wouldn't have coughed up over 5,000GBP for a single night in a hotel for you!

5,000GBP a night!!!! In an age when we're being told to tighten our belts because we're in one of the worst recessions in history, I think this is a despicable example for our potential 'leader' to set. How many of his army officer pals could afford that?

The sooner we get rid of this family of anachronistic parasites, the better.
They're an embarassing diversion from more serious matters such as the economy.

I wish people would wake up and grow out of this childish obsessive pride in the royal family.

Posted by M. Grayling on 10 September 2012 at 09:27

anybody going to afghanistan is in danger there have been many people killed or hurt when they thought that they were in a safe zone

Posted by albert on 7 September 2012 at 16:02

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