Friday, 27 November 2015

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Who ate all our pies, Prime Minister?

Far be it from me to hurl stones in glass houses... but might David Cameron be gaining a pound or two?

David Cameron and pie photo
David Cameron enjoys a Cranstons black pudding dinky pork pie

Hey, it happens. Especially as you get a bit older (sorry Dave). We who have had lifelong struggles with weight and shape know that.

Dreaded bulk creeps up on you with a cunning stealth. It settles happily, if sneakily, around the waist, bum and chin and refuses to shift – without first putting up a fiercely stubborn fight.

Something tells me the Prime Minister may only now be starting to notice. And, since he has also only recently been seduced by all things Cumbrian – in particular the especially tasty bits – he is very likely lost to the cause of gluttonous weight gain.

There are worse things, obviously. Even for a leader of world stature, for whom a svelte and energetic image is a fundamental imperative, the odd love handle isn’t the biggest deal.

Nobody dies when you tuck into a shepherd’s pie, war isn’t declared when you ask for a second helping of toffee pudding, elections aren’t lost because you’ve had one pie too many or had the missus roast rather too much Herdy lamb for Sunday lunch... with mustard mash on the side.

Once was the time a pleasingly chunky frame was indication of discernment and taste; a sign of love for the finer things in life – like Hawkshead and Jennings ales, Cranstons pork pies, black pudding with breakfast and anything from Cartmel with the word sticky in its name.

Nowadays, it’s decidedly infra dig to display a girth denoting good living, which is no doubt why the PM has seen fit to downplay his affection for a bit of a binge from God’s own county’s larder.

“I try to go for a run a week, I try to play a game of tennis every week and I try not to go to bed too late,” he said, failing to mention his pie habit.

In denial? Maybe. But let’s look on a couple of bright sides – one for him and one for us.

In leadership terms, he can’t expect to be a political heavyweight if the opposition can kick sand in his face on the beach and at the ballot box.

And in our terms? Well a few of us are putting together a plan to make Cumbria Day an annual diary date of unbridled celebration, following last week’s triumph in Parliament.

Since the PM is suddenly so publicly fond of all our assets – and is adopting the shape to prove it – we reckon we can count on his support, all the way to the finishing line... where a steak and kidney pie might well be waiting as a reward. So, welcome aboard Dave!

Of course, you don’t have to be a prime minister, an MP or a captain of industry to pledge your support for an annual Cumbria Day. But if you are any or all of the above, you’re most welcome. we need all the help we can get.

You just have to love Cumbria with a heart-bursting pride for all the county has to offer – and all that it can offer in the future.

Feel like joining us in the drive to make Cumbria the envy of the world? Let us know.

No politics involved, no prejudices employed, no weight limitations of any description and definitely no horse meat. What’s not to like?


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