Thursday, 26 November 2015

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Toys 'R' Us to close store on Carlisle retail park

Britain's biggest toy retailer is pulling out of Carlisle with the loss of about 25 jobs.

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Think you might find that the former esso site on london road becomes the enterance for a new supermarket down the back on the old esso distribution facility site

Posted by Paul on 30 January 2013 at 16:34

I think it is a shame about the closure of TOYS-R-US. Carlisle has lost The Disney Store and now this. I have 4 Grandchildren and used to go no further than Carlsile when these 2 stores were there. Christmas shopping trips were to Carlisle meaning the money I spent was kept local. The other shops and resruarants got my money where as now I will be going to Newcastle and my money will be going with me. Good old Metro Centre doesn't let us down. LEARN FROM THEM CARLISLE CITY COUNCIL. I am by no means exceptional to the rule and I could asure you alot of my friends and work colleagues feel exactly the same and will not be botherig with Carlile they wil be going to Newcasle.

Posted by annon on 17 January 2013 at 16:04

anon the correct title is 'The Clydesdale' It did indeed start trading in Tait Street. I believe in those days when around the business started their was three pawnbrokers on Carlisle's Fisher street alone. 'The' was a technical legal hitch with the trading name. A bit like using Koca- cola as trade name. My Grandmother and her husband did I believe start trading with charging valve type radio batteries, then mostly Photography with boasting signage The Clydesdale for 'Everything Photographic' in the then tiny shop. A busy darkroom cellar. The small shop now a house with a food deli next door. Mr Nixon had this bigger farm shop with the auction nearby. Not knowing precise facts but obvious larger similar businesses such as Cumberland and Westmorland Farmers on the then Viaduct estate of old sandstone railway buildings, Perhaps if they had been listed it would have been better than long term decay now on this retail estate. Rickerby's in Botchergate and Oliver and Snowden's in Cecil street might have had an impact on business. Mr Nixon ceasing trading whilst his grandson, Will Nixon moving into Bank Street around 1941. Watts next door being both longterm small shop traders in the city, now part cafe. How many loyal customers now in these long serving city tax paid businesses? The Clydesdale was from then on in a much larger shop. It has traded selling bicycles, radiograms, lighting fixtures and records, besides tapes. Lastly as Toymaster the shop expanded into Scotch Street but later ceased trading after a full 75 years trading in Carlisle. The city council in part killed retail in much of Botchergate with their fine new venture of the Lanes. I recall my city high street Ironmonger's manager when I was a young lad in the 1960's he wanted to sell sugar when nearby stores cherry picked leading products, thus creaming of profits. I'm from a family that for two generations started a business in Carlisle yet my late mother posed a question to me once, when I finished working with my lifelong employer... asking "Have you no ideas for starting a business Roy? " My answer I'll leave void. It was a bit like posing a similar question asking why my son does not drive living then in Italy. "Have you never seen the way they drive dad? " Now living in France... I was once told Carlisle could stand a city hardware shop but as finance was mentioned I said I have not got millions. Banks are not now borrowing money? I'm told my grandfather once said, Carlisle was the strangest city that he had ever traded in, with the novelty soon wearing off. This so soon after a new venture in the city. The Clydesdale at closure had adapted it's core business over it's lifetime to a ever changing retail market. The diverseness of the range was immense. I myself do not agree to temporary stores but perhaps the customer is always right...."Roy, What are you buying this popular music for? "

Posted by Royl on 16 January 2013 at 23:44

Carole you are wrong about toys are us and Toymaster being the only toy shops that have been in Calisle there was Clydsdale on tait st
Gordon Eastons on Lowther st Bbowmans on scotch st there was also the giant one that was kingstown

Posted by anon on 16 January 2013 at 12:26

Martin. I assume that was a dig at my saying that I went through Caldewgate around six times a day?

I am a cyclist I do not affect traffic in any way, cars and lorries can get around me and I mainly stick to the bike lanes that are allocated on the pavements.

I still maintain that there is no increase in traffic in Caldewgate and drivers that are confused by the layout clearly can't read basic directions and probably shouldn't be driving if that is the case.

Posted by Brian on 15 January 2013 at 16:28

Toyman, you should NOT be asking why people went to Toys R us, you should be asking why people DON'T go to Destination 1.

Posted by Craig on 15 January 2013 at 09:52

Terrible news for those who work at Toys R Us, I have never used it coz I dont have kids, but iam annoyed if it is true that the esso opposite harraby green (where i have just moved to) is closing, its probly the cheapest garrage this side of town :(

Posted by Tony Lopez on 11 January 2013 at 14:29

DESTINATION ONE is a toys and collectables shop down Botchergate run by a Carlisle man.
You all drove past it to get to TOYS R US.
He also organised Carlisle's first ever Sci-Fi convention the other year.
What did TOYS R US ever do for Carlisle?

Posted by Toyman on 10 January 2013 at 21:19

The store was only ever going to be a pop-up store it was never going to be permanent, this the staff working there would know so shouldn;t be such a shock to them, also the atmosphere of the store and layout plus product lines available showed this was not like a proper store, so why eveyone is so shocked its closing is beyond me, its been a long time coming that the retail park was going to be redeveloped, probably since the MFI closure there has been plans and rumours about the site circulating, and as for those mentioning McDonalds moving to the Esso station site on London Road, I think you'll find the place is not bigger enough check the local plans for this area and the size needed for a drive thru restaurant and subsequent parking,
also another point thats been raised by some in this forum, Caldewgate traffic is no worse since the new supermarket opened, there has been numerous traffic surveys since the opening and also linked with the bypass done, so all those who think traffic has increased check the facts instead of just giving flase statements.

Oh and another point that Crisbly made, Toys R Us has never really been a checp toy retailer thats goal was to drive away all the local toy stores in Carlisle, I think you'll find that Carlisle only had one toy store before Toys R US opened, and Toymaster is still trading today, the are no other toy only stores in Carlisle, and if there are please make this known in the forum anyone.

Well enough said I think, I need a cuppa

Posted by Carole on 10 January 2013 at 14:51

I wonder if the McDonald's rumour is true if so I bet it soon gets passed 24opening hours since it isn't north of the river with the yuppies in stanwix complaining about litter etc. I use the Kingstown one quite often and have never noticed a problem with noise or litter in the surrounding areas.
Mines a Big Mac with fries!

Posted by M Warren on 10 January 2013 at 11:04

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