Tuesday, 01 December 2015

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Protesters hand in anti-Health Bill petition to Carlisle MP's office

Half a dozen protesters demonstrated against the Government’s Health Bill outside the office of Carlisle MP John Stevenson yesterday.

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Tim, the last government would have made changes, no doubt, however, too much too fast as is happening does not make the electorate happy.

It's easy being in opposition and challenging government bills, the Coalition and the Prime Minister have to convince us that what they are doing is right,most medical professionals are not convinced neither am I.

Posted by Ian on 6 March 2012 at 09:08

Ian, how about all the people who supported the original pilot by the last government on which this is based?

This is jsut politicing, labour good, tory bad. Its the same idea, just rolled out across the country.

Posted by Tim on 5 March 2012 at 13:50

If this Bill gets through Folks we all know who to blame,those who call themselves Lib/Dem they will never get my vote again,

Posted by Danleo on 5 March 2012 at 08:14

I have yet to meet anyone who believes that the wholesale changes to the NHS planned by this government is good for the country.

As for manifestos meaning anything, don't make me laugh, any party Red, Blue or Yellow would lie to kingdom come to hoodwink their way in to power.

Charlatans the lot of them !

Posted by Ian on 4 March 2012 at 07:49

I work for the NHS and to be honest i couldn't really care anymore. I think that's how a lot of NHS staff feel. We have had that much uncertaincy and some pretty unsympathetic comments about this and any other concerns we have had that most of the motivation to anything as been knocked out of us.

Posted by NHS Worker on 4 March 2012 at 01:01

Well J, you need to keep better company. The NHS has had private partnerships fromt he very beginning. All GP surgeries are private, they are self employed practices.

This Government has ringfenced the NHS from any reductions something the last government didnt do and was planning on reducing NHS funding by about 20%.

Posted by Harold on 4 March 2012 at 00:29

I have yet to meet anyone who believes that John Stevenson and his party are not bent on the privatisation of the NHS.

When Dr Sam Everington an original supporter and adviser to the health secretarys plans to hand more power and money to the GP consortiums now urges the prime minister to scrap the health and social care bill. You really have to start taking notice.

Posted by J on 3 March 2012 at 12:56

First of all PFI was originally a Tory idea sadly the following Labour government chose to pursue it, a very bad idea that has cost us the taxpayer billions of £s. the Tories have always wanted to privatise the NHS , it costs too much. If this Bill goes through the private companies will have a field day cherry picking all the profitable services, initially offering a cut price deal which will, when the contracts come up for renewal cost the NHS the earth. The services that are not as attractive and will not yeald high profits will be left too the NHS which will by then be cash strapped, not having the services which attract extra funding. We are all service users and some will get better service than others, be scared if you are elderly or in need of psychiatric help and these are just two examples.

Posted by Linda Weightman on 3 March 2012 at 11:57

The Tories have tried to privatise the NHS for years, and with the help of this spineless Lib/Dem lot, are now doing it,they don't listen to us because they don't want to, they have privatised the water we drink our Railways, Electricity,Gas I could go on and on now its our Lives.

Posted by Danleo on 3 March 2012 at 08:48

The only people who support this bill is the tories with the Lib Dems making back room deals to push it through.
The NHS is worth far more than a cheap back room deal for the Lib Dems.
The NHS was one of the best health services in the world according to independent surveys. All the Condems can quote is heresay about other nations providing better cheaper services.
It was working fine until this unelected government lied to the electorate about "no top down reorganization of the health service"
We must all work together to make sure condem MP's know they have lost the support of the electorate and will lose their seat at the next election if this back door privatization of our health service goes through.
Email your MP and let them know how you feel about the health bill and how you intend to vote at the next election.

Posted by john on 2 March 2012 at 20:16

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