Saturday, 29 August 2015

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Chapelcross nuclear site clean-up work will continue until 2095

John Grierson photo Life at Chapelcross second time around is going to be very different for John Grierson. On his first starting day in 1988 he was a 17-year-old apprentice electrician keen to learn his trade and launch his career.

Last updated 14 February 2011
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Why more Cumbrians are inviting strangers into their homes

Holiday swap photo They’re sleeping in your bed, eating your food, driving your car. Strangers living your life. But you don’t really mind. After all, you’re living theirs.

Last updated 10 February 2011
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Can the Big Society still work after cash cuts?

Andy Beeforth photo Up until last week, Liverpool City Council was flying the flag for the Coalition’s Big Society. Then it was publicly whipped down and sent back to Westminster along with a stinging rebuke.

Last updated 9 February 2011
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Cumbria police battling tide of Facebook-related crime

Stuart Hyde photo Like virtual pickpockets, criminals sift through the online profiles of the unaware. They unpack lives, searching through holiday snaps and wall posts.

Last updated 8 February 2011
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Does texting spell the end of 'proper' English?

Certain things you’d never say by text message. “SRY LUV, DNT FINK ITS WERKIN :-(. HAV CHNGD LOX N MVD 2 SPN WIV KIDZ!!!” comes to mind. (1 comment)

Last updated 7 February 2011
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Cash from Cumbrian author's new book will help victims of ruthless disease

Shawn-a-lee McCutcheon-Bell photo Shawn-a-lee’s father was an independent and smart man who worked up until the age of 75. But he was robbed of the last four years of his life through a ruthless disease.

Last updated 5 February 2011
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Cumbrian woman preserving a British tradition

Jane Hasell-McCosh photo They have a real taste for it in Japan, Paddington Bear was a huge fan and next weekend people across the world will go head to head to create the perfect jar of the stuff.

Last updated 3 February 2011
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‘There is no such thing as a perfect breast screening test’

John Ashton photo Breast screening saves lives, that can’t be denied. But recent problems with the service in north Cumbria – which saw 16 women who had previously been given the all-clear being told they had breast cancer – has left a certain level of uncertainty hanging over the reliability of these routine checks.

Last updated 2 February 2011
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From blockbuster films to president of Cumbria's British Red Cross

Janey Strickland photo Janey Strickland has come a long way in the last two years. About 250 miles, from the Bournemouth coast to the wilds of Cumbria.

Last updated 1 February 2011
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Carlisle man's research uncovers horrors of Nazi prejudice and bigotry

Callum Stubbs photo Callum Stubbs learned about the six million Jews beaten, starved, tortured and murdered under the Nazi regime in a classroom at Carlisle’s former Morton School.

Last updated 31 January 2011
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More than 17,000 Cumbrian children living in poverty

They are more likely to suffer poor health, fall victim to accidents, be exposed to crime and fail to reach their full potential.

Last updated 29 January 2011
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Auschwitz: Never forget what happened in that killing camp

Auschwitz shoes photo Last October we were lucky enough to fly to Poland to visit the camp. The cloudless sky was beautifully blue, it was about eight degrees, a typical Polish autumn.

Last updated 27 January 2011
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Reluctant landlords on the rise across Cumbria

Pamela Schure photo ‘There are times when I sit there and people say ‘you sound like a marriage counsellor’,” said Pamela Schure, who runs the Belvoir letting agent offices in west Cumbria.

Last updated 26 January 2011
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Celebrating the real Rabbie Burns

Of all the heroes Britain has produced, only one has his own national holiday. A poet, of all people, who died at the age of 37 more than 200 years ago.

Last updated 25 January 2011
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Fuel rises hurting Cumbrian families and businesses - MP

Jamie Reed photo Motorists are being forced to change their driving habits as petrol prices rise at their highest rate for 10 years, new research has revealed.

Last updated 24 January 2011
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Are we being served or has the high street lost its charm?

Shopping photo Mary Portas: Secret Shopper first aired on Wednesday night, with a covert inspection of fast fashion chain Pilot.

Last updated 22 January 2011
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Carlisle Youth Zone breaking down the barriers

Carlisle Youth Zone photo The £5 million building taking shape isn’t hard to miss on the corner of Victoria Place in Carlisle.

Last updated 20 January 2011
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How would you talk a friend out of committing suicide?

mental555 The question posed is not such a far-fetched idea. In Cumbria alone, 50 to 60 people commit suicide every year – about 15 more than the national average. Of those deaths, some 20 per cent could be prevented with the right support.

Last updated 19 January 2011
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Having faith in the Big Society plan

John Metcalfe photo The Government doesn’t want to play nanny to a state of children, it says.

Last updated 18 January 2011
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Plans to re-open Keswick to Penrith rail line gathering steam

Cedric Martindale photo When the last train travelled along the Keswick to Penrith railway line in 1972 few thought it would ever open again – but campaigners fighting for the project – which could cost between £40m and £100m – believe their case to reopen it now is stronger than ever.

Last updated 17 January 2011
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