Thursday, 26 November 2015

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New Story Homes estate would leave us hemmed in, claim Carlisle residents

Residents living on Carlisle’s northern fringe say their rural outlook could be destroyed if a plan to build 190 new homes is approved.

Story Homes Greymoorhill graphic
How Story Homes sees the new estate

Story Homes hopes to build on a site that currently consists of open fields.

The scheme is the latest in a series of housing schemes now in the pipeline as the city experiences a mini-housing boom which will see developments across the area.

The others include 300 new homes in Stanwix, 176 at Carleton, and around 270 on land off Wigton Road.

Story Homes is already working on a huge development of 850 new homes at Crindledyke north Carlisle.

The developer has now submitted an application for the Greymoorhill site east of Kingstown Road.

It will include 57 affordable homes and, says the developer, will be of such high quality that it will be a “positive” advert for the key northern approach to Carlisle.

But some locals fear the scheme will ruin the outlook they currently enjoy.

Some spoke of their fear that the scheme will leave them feeling “hemmed in”.

Joan Harkness, 69, who has lived in her home at Kingstown Road for 29 years, said: “We’ve already got a busy road in front of our house and our respite is the back, where we look on to fields. It’s been a lovely place to live.

“At the moment, we feel that we’re living in the countryside but that will change. It’s going to be horrendous.

“Our biggest problem will be the increase in traffic – the pollution, the noise, and the loss of privacy. Every one of us is thinking of moving but it could devalue our homes.”

Neighbour Doris Airey, 99, who has lived in Kingstown Road for 25 years, said: “It’s been a village here, but it won’t be with this.

“We need our little bits of green space.”

Frances Bryson, 83, has lived in California Road for more than 50 years. She said: “There’s already enough traffic. .” Her neighbour Allyson Graham, 55, who has lived in the street all her life, said schools in the area were already struggling to cope.

She said: “They’re planning a big development on the edge of Stanwix and now this. It will make the whole area feel urban and we’ll feel hemmed in by houses.”

Adam McNally, from Story Homes, said the scheme would help meet proven housing needs in Carlisle.

“The site has excellent existing transport connections and nearby services, hence its identification as preferred option in the emerging local plan,” he said.

“We will provide high quality and aspirational homes along with supporting community infrastructure including the delivery of new school places related to the development. The homes will be of a sensitive and well planned design that respects adjacent occupiers’ amenity.”

Carlisle City Council will now consider the application with an outcome expected in late November.

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Well said BILLY! He's got it in a nutshell.. Like i said at the start, these houses will enhance the area around Junction 44 and any building of new houses can only be a good thing for Carlisle. With clever businessmen like Fred story and Andrew Tinkler investing their money in Carlisle the City will have a very bright future. It's about time the Nimbys on this page supported these guys for the good of the City and stopped being so insular and inward looking!

Posted by Colin A on 10 September 2014 at 11:47

Twin, Twine,Moan Moan... I wish would all give it a rest... People have Babies Population goes up, more houses are required simple as that. the more afordable the better!! If Fred Storey doesnt build them someone else will and they will be much worse quality and the money will go straight out of the local economy... In reply to AL. The airport has been an Airport since the 1920's you knew that when you kmoved there, Expansion was always going to happen,,, deal with it, I do live next door to the new proposed estate and i'm happy for it to happen, might make the rest of the property prices in the area a little bit more sensible!! In reply to JJ I agree with Big Ld, your asking too much, just because you over paid or extended your mortgage too much when to property market was inflated stop complaining to the rest of us.. progress is needed in this City or noone will want to move here and the bottom line is all of our porperties will go down oin price, at the moment its a semi prosperous area with planning for a new airport and new homes being built, people are investing and in the long run the economy locally will imporve... I really hope your not on the council JJ as that would expalin why this City has been going backwards for years... WE NEED MORE LOCAL BUSINESS MEN LIKE FRED STORY INVESTING IN THIS TOWN AND ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN..

Posted by BILLY on 9 September 2014 at 16:44

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