Story Homes boss Fred's position in the Rich List

Fred Story
Fred Story

Cumbrian millionaires Fred Story and Brian Scowcroft are among those to feature in the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

Mr Story, the man behind Story Homes and story Contracting, sits at number 748 in the list with a recorded fortune of £150m.

The former Carlisle United owner sits below Mr Scowcroft, who features at number 694 in the league table of Britain's wealthiest people.

Mr Scowcroft, owns Kingmoor Park business park in Carlisle, and his sister Janet Lefton have a recorded £160m fortune.

However they are a long way from catching Cumbria's richest man, Philip Day, who has seen his fortune swell by £100m over the last year, making him the north west's seventh wealthiest person.

The Edinburgh Woolen Mill boss, who has an estate near Brampton, features prominently in the list, which records his worth as £1.15bn.

Other entries with Cumbrian connections include Lady Ballyedmond – widow of the late Lord Ballyedmond who bought Corby Castle near Carlisle in 1994 – who features at number 91 in the list.

It records that her fortune has grown by £20m to £1.42bn.

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