£235 court bill for Carlisle 'beggar' given just £1.04


A beggar seen taking £1.04 from two well wishers in Carlisle city centre has been hit with fines and court costs of £235.

Malcolm John Nicholson, 32, of Lightfoot Drive, Harraby, who failed to turn up for his case today at the city's Rickergate magistrates' court, was found guilty of a single offence of begging.

The court heard how a police officer spotted the defendant sitting beneath the Citadel Court Archway near the city's railway station on Msrch 28.

The officer saw him accept a pound coin from a passing woman and then two 2p coins from a passing man.

Nicholson denied begging, saying that the man and the woman simply gave him the cash. The woman who gave him the £1 coin said he looked homeless and in need.

Finding the case proved, magistrates imposed a £120 fine, a £30 victim surchsrge and £85 prosecution costs.

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Bob   T , Maryport Tuesday, 13 June, 2017 at 11:30AM
An absolute disgrace. What have we become as a country?
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