Thursday, 26 November 2015

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Families £1,700 a year worse off, claims Labour's Carlisle election hopeful

Working families in Carlisle are almost £1,700 a year worse off under the current Government, a would-be MP has claimed.

Lee Sherriff photo
Lee Sherriff

But the claim from Lee Sheriff, Labour’s prospective Parliamentary candidate in Carlisle for the next General Election, has provoked a strong response from John Stevenson, the city’s sitting Tory MP.

Miss Sheriff says families in the north west are an average of £1,685 a year worse off compared with 2010. The findings were taken from an Office of National Statistics report and show that during David Cameron’s term as prime minister had produced 36 months of falling wage levels.

Miss Sherriff claimed that this was more than any prime minister on record and added that prices had risen faster than wages in all but one month – April this year when bank bonuses had soared.

She said that families in Carlisle were struggling under what she described as “this Government’s short-sighted policies”.

“Instead of their living standards progressing, they are regressing in real terms. The announcement about childcare help is set to benefit the higher paid rather than the lower-paid families,” she said.

“It’s time George Osborne woke up to this and formed a strategy that helps families in the real world.”

However Carlisle MP John Stevenson said he was “astonished” by the comments from Labour and added: “It was their policies that got the British economy into the mess that the present Government has been working to get out of.”

He said that the Labour Government had abolished the 10 per cent tax rate that would have helped lower paid people.

“Under this Government the first £10,000 of income will be tax-free,” he said. “Council tax has been frozen for the past three years – all policies specifically designed to help those on low incomes.”

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SarahM has got it bang on with her previous post.Labour have no chance of ever being elected to office!

Posted by James on 20 August 2013 at 10:00

Brian, I know you can't countenance the possibility that there might be more than a handful of voters in Carlisle who would not vote Labour, but it's true. As for blaming our current woes on Margaret Thatcher, you are stretching the bounds of credibility to breaking point. How far are we allowed to go back? Ted Heath? Winston Churchill? The plain and simple fact is that the real Labour party was hijacked about 20 years ago by professional politicos who have no experience whatsoever of being working class. They are sailing under a pirate flag. Yet labour stalwarts do not notice. It is the biggest con of modern politics. By publicly aligning themselves with the poor and disadvantaged they garnish votes. But quite honestly they would say the sky was purple with green spots if it meant getting an X in the box. Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Harmen. The list goes on. They are more toffee-nosed than the Tories. Labour now offer up souless aneamic robotic candidates across the country. All schooled in trotting out central office dogma. Zzzz.

Posted by SarahM on 19 August 2013 at 12:07

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