Wednesday, 02 December 2015

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Emergency cash payments for Cumbrians hit by RBS and NatWest chaos

Thousands of people across Cumbria could be affected by a national banking problem - even if they are not customers of the bank involved.

John Leveson photo
John Leveson

The RBS problems are having a knock-on effect on residents everywhere; the Cumberland Building Society has already given out hundreds of emergency cash payments to its customers.

A computer software fault last week at RBS prevented payments being processed for customers of not just that bank, but also of NatWest and Ulster Bank.

The banks have extended their opening hours in an attempt to clear the backlog.

The Cumberland Building Society confirmed that by 8pm on Monday, it had handed out between 250 and 300 emergency cash payments to anxious customers who had not received monthly pension or salary payments.

John Leveson, deputy chief executive, said that many people were unaware that if their salaries or other payments were coming from an individual or company that banks with RBS or its subsidiaries, then the payments would be subject to the ongoing delays.

“It is not our problem, nor one of our making,” he added, “but these are our customers and we will be doing everything we can to help them.

“Anyone who believes they should have received a payment and has not, can go to any of our branches to speak to someone face-to-face.

“Subject to certain checks to ensure the payment is regular and likely to be paid, we are offering an emergency cash payment.”

The building society has been inundated with calls from concerned or confused customers.

A frustrated Carlisle woman told the News & Star: “I am currently awaiting payment of my salary into my Cumberland Building Society account.

“I contacted their head office and they are ‘waiting for a file’ from RBS themselves.”

The call centre at head office, in English Street, Carlisle, receives on average between 600 and 700 calls a day but on Monday operators took in excess of 1,100 calls.

The problem could affect any customer of any bank and so the public is urged to be aware and to contact their bank directly if they are missing any payments.

It is unclear exactly when the issue will be resolved but RBS has said it is hopeful things will have returned to normal later this week.

A statement on the Cumberland Building Society's website this afternoon says: "The technical problems at RBS/NatWest are continuing to affect Cumberland Building Society customers. This has resulted in some transactions routed through RBS/NatWest to Cumberland accounts not being received.

"Credits to Cumberland accounts e.g. salary, pensions, etc. may be stuck in the RBS/NatWest system. These credits will get to the Cumberland once RBS/NatWest resolve their problems, but in the meantime some of our customers do not have their salary, pension, etc.

"John Leveson, Deputy Chief Executive, confirmed that, “As RBS/NatWest have not yet resolved their problem, and Cumberland customers continue to be inconvenienced, we will now pay the salary, pension, etc. into the customer’s accounts. Accounts will be automatically corrected once the credits are received.”

"Customers should check if any credit due to their account has been received. This can be done by internet banking, mobile banking, telephoning or visiting their branch or telephoning our customer service team (0845 601 8396 to 01228 403141).

"If the credit is not on the account and we have sight of the payslip we will credit the full amount to the customer’s Cumberland account. If we do not have sight of the payslip we will credit the anticipated amount as agreed with the customer.

"All standing orders from Cumberland accounts have been paid and are shown on the customer’s account. All direct debits from Cumberland accounts have also been paid. However, due to the RBS/NatWest problem these do not currently show on the customer’s account. These will show on the Cumberland customer’s account once RBS/NatWest fix their problem.

"Cheques written by Cumberland current account customers have also not yet been debited from the customer’s account. These will be debited when RBS/NatWest fix their problem.

"We have been, and continue to be, in constant contact with RBS and look to a swift resolution of their technical problems.

"Our branches are open 9.00am to 5.00pm and our telephone customer service team is open 8.00am to 9.00pm."

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Here are a couple of videos which explain how banking got to where it is today, and why so many are worried about a collapse of the main currencies.

Posted by Expat Marra on 2 July 2012 at 14:59

I wish the Cumbrian newspaper's comments sections had the ability to "thumbs up" comments, I'd be clicking up the post by Francis. I also like "anon"'s post about what he learned as an apprentice.

I'd like to add that many, many people are now exchanging their paper money for silver and gold. I even know of some people who have gone to the extreme and sold their house or pension fund to buy precious metals! (Not me, by the way.)

Re. the Muslim approach to money - some areas still use silver and gold coinage, and the worth of the coins now is the same as their worth hundreds of years ago within this system, no inflation. Also, many older folks here in the UK may remember that prices were pretty much static in the early decades of last century when we still used silver and gold coins - it wasn't until 1947 when we changed to base metal coinage that prices seriously began to rise.

Something to ponder, maybe.

Posted by Expat Marra on 2 July 2012 at 14:18

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