Wednesday, 25 November 2015

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Cumbrian woman and pet attacked by dogs

A grandmother suffered agonising bite wounds as she fought to save her golden retriever during a savage attack by two other dogs.

Hewitt photo
Pamela Hewitt and Holly

The terrifying attack happened as Pamela Hewitt, 67, was walking her pet retriever in woods at a beauty spot.

She spoke about her ordeal to the News & Star to warn other pet owners and walkers about the dogs involved.

Mrs Hewitt was walking downhill through the woodland with Holly at her side in the early afternoon on Thursday when she saw a man with three dogs coming up the hill.

Two were terriers and the other was a brown dog of a different breed.

Mrs Hewitt said: “The two Staffordshire or pit bull terrier-type dogs suddenly ran at Holly, biting her in the neck and ears, and dragging her off into the woodland. They just kept dragging her down.”

Mrs Hewitt heard the dogs’ owner shout at his pets but he did nothing else to intervene, she said.

Mrs Hewitt then bravely ran into the trees, at Beck Wythop woods near Thornthwaite, Keswick, and eventually pulled the attacking terriers off after hitting one with a stick and the other with a stone.

Bruised and scratched as she pursued the dogs through the trees, she was also bitten and received treatment at Derwent House Surgery in Wakefield Road, Cockermouth and the Castlegate Surgery in Fitz Road.

Holly sustained up to a dozen puncture wounds to her head, shoulders, and throat. She was treated at the Millcroft veterinary practice in Wakefield Road, Cockermouth.

“I think those dogs were trying to kill Holly, or at least rip her ears off,” continued Mrs Hewitt, of Henry Street, Cockermouth.

“I don’t know the man who was with the two dogs that did it but I think people should be warned.

“Those dogs should have been on a lead.”

Mrs Hewitt’s daughter Tracey Batey, 39, added: “My mother’s hands were ripped to shreds and Holly is covered in puncture wounds. My mum’s also covered in bruises and cuts and is very stiff. She was shaking and crying. People should be made aware of what happened.”

Cumbria police confirmed that the incident was reported to them but said there was no evidence of an offence so no action would be taken.

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I own and breed dogs,all are registered, micro chipped and homes are vetted before puppies are sold I pride myself on been a responsible breeder, how many staffie breeders do this? I can tell you now about 5%! Most of the Staffie puppies we see advertised on the internet cost less than £150 are not DNA tested or registered and attract lower class owners sorry if this sounds harsh but how many upper class people do you see with one? There are some good staffie breeders who health test their stock and charge £600 plus these dogs do not fall into the wrong hands and are Crufts qualifiers. I have nothing against these breeders. It's the back yard yobs who I have a problem with.I hope the lady and her dog make a speedy recovery and are not scarred by this terrible experience.

Posted by dog lover on 1 July 2012 at 11:30

stop blaming the dogs - its the owners who train them. any dog is capable of killing - even retrievers or sheep dogs - if they are trained to do so.
i have a rottwieller cross, and until recently, a rotwieller - i trianed them to be friendly - and proof was a young fledgling starling in my kitchen recently and the dog (rotwieller cross) i have just stood and barked at it until i went and lifted the young bird into a shoe box. does that sound like the "dangerous dog" his breed has been portrayed as?

shoot the owners not the dogs. well ok bit extreme for most. ban them for life from being in contact with dogs - even banning visits to someone elses house who has dogs, and fine them thousands of pounds minimum - that will hurt alot more then current sentencing laws.

Posted by ray on 29 June 2012 at 22:21

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