Sunday, 29 November 2015

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Cumbrian travel agents CCTV 'ghost' footage revealed

A spiritual “medium” has spoken about her visits to a Penrith pub and the business next door after their CCTV cameras filmed ghostly images.

Penrith ghost CCTV photo
Thomas Cook CCTV footage

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The spooky events at The Wolfe pub in Little Dockray and the neighbouring Thomas Cook travel agents have triggered worldwide interest since they were reported in the News & Star.

On successive weeks, in the early hours of the morning, security cameras in both business recorded a series of bizarre events.

At the pub, a glowing image is seen descending through the ceiling, hovering among the tables and then zooming off through the wall.

A week later, at almost the same time, Thomas Cook’s darkened office is suddenly illuminated as a computer mysteriously turns on.

Seconds later, a poster falls inexplicably from the shop’s front window.

The Wolfe’s landlord Andrew Bateman said he was baffled by the images, which “freaked him out.”

But for spiritualist medium Linda Howard-Bates, the pictures offered a rare opportunity to investigate what many will regard as psychic phenomena.

Linda spent time at both premises, and produced a report summarising what she says she found.

It is printed in full here:

On entering the upstairs at Thomas Cook business premises in Little Dockray, Penrith, I began working psychically, there is a large storeroom with a smaller room attached, this smaller room is connected to the next door called the Wolfe, Little Dockray, Penrith.

At the Wolfe previously visited, I sensed a man's presence and this is the same man I communicated with in the smaller room at the Thomas Cook premises just as soon as I arrived upstairs.

I got the name Alan around him, maybe connected to him in some way. He is from the Wolfe, date:the 1960's.

He is a large man and he is very angry, he comes into this smaller room away from the pub next door as he does not like the way it is being run. He is troubled and says that he is angry by the way in which the pub is now, not being like the old way.

In the larger stock room, in Thomas Cook, a young lady is hanging from the ceiling directly placed within the middle of the floor.

Young lady wears a flowered skirt. Aged about 16 years old. The date I get is 1800s to 1901 and no later than that. Could be called Daisy, Janey or something like that.

She is from the workhouse in Penrith.

I cannot connect with the young girl but I get an older lady wearing a black dress with a high collar, she speaks on her behalf as the young lady cannot speak because of "the shame."

The lady tells me the young girl was pregnant and it was a secret, a big shame in those days.

It was such a shaming that the young girl stood on a white stool to hang herself, she hoped somone would come but she slipped off the stool and hung herself.

I get that John D was the baby's father.

Later, I feel the presence of another man who has positioned himself in one corner of the same room, he is connected to the lady in the black dress.

He is wearing black trousers, waistcoat, shirt and collar.

Tall slim man, bald. Upright and staid.

He is sorting bottles out, like medicinal bottles-I could show you the bottles he seems to be sorting with various liquids inside some of the bottles, but I cannot recognise them as I have never seen these things before.

He tells me adamantly he had nothing to do with the hanging and the young girl.

This was not "his shame." He tells me the baby's father was called John D Wright.

A young apprentice dressed in a suit came into the room and found the girl hanging, he took her down and laid her on the floor.

In the other room upstairs I picked up the presence of a young baby up in the corner.

1913 before the great war.

She is about 3 years old in a grubby babygrows with envelope shoulders.

She is eating toast, has sticky butter on her fingers.

She points to some shoes on the floor and wants them, asking mummy for the shoes.

She has a dummy that she calls her "dodo."

Child is coughing, chesty.

There is a tin/metal spinning top on the floor.

She died young from a chest problem, pointing up towards where she was buried, towards Penrith Cemetary perhaps, and telling me she is in there.

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Its an insect on the lense. Case closed!

Posted by Sceptic on 6 February 2014 at 12:02

I was in the Wolfe a few months ago, it was really quiet and a pint glass fell off the table I was standing near - nobody else was at the table or at a distance where they could have knocked it. A member of staff came over to clear the broken glass and mentioned that the same thing had happened at the same table a couple of days earlier.

Posted by Kim R on 13 August 2013 at 11:28

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