Thursday, 26 November 2015

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Cumbria's Euro MPs are named

Cumbria's Euro MPs have been named during a night of political drama.

Ukip made gains while the Liberal Democrats lost their seat for the north west, as did the BNP, whose leader Nick Griffin was deposed.

Results declared in the early hours mean Labour and Ukip each now have three MEPs for the region covering Cumbria and the Conservatives two.

That means Ukip has gained two seats in the region, with the Conservatives down one.

As the results were announced in Manchester Town Hall, Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall declared the age of four-party politics has arrived.

Speaking from the podium after the declaration at Manchester Town Hall, said: “People are rejecting the failed three old parties.

“They have given away something that was never theirs to give away, that’s the sovereignty of our country.

“The age of four-party politics has arrived.”

Labour’s share of the vote in the North West was 33.86 per cent, followed by Ukip on 27.47 per cent, the Tories on 20.06 per cent, the Green Party on 7.01 per cent, the Lib Dems on 6.01 per cent and the BNP on 1.87 per cent on a turn-out of 33.3 per cent.

After the declarations were made, Labour’s re-elected North West MEP Theresa Griffin said from the podium: “The BNP have left the building!

“I’m proud Labour has topped the poll in the North West region.

“Labour will always be on your side, fighting for jobs and growth.”

Labour MEP Afzal Khan said he was “delighted” with his election victory, especially at the expense of BNP’s Mr Griffin.

Mr Khan, who was Manchester’s first Asian lord mayor in 2005, said: “That was my aim, that is what I wanted to achieve. I think he’s got a message of hate and this is a difficult time and we need a message of hope and the people of the North West have given a clear message.

“He’s done nothing for the people of the North West. His whole message was one of hate.”

Earlier scuffles broke out as Mr Griffin arrived at Manchester Town Hall for the count.

Protesters shouting “Nazi scum” surrounded his car and dozens of police officers struggled to keep them separated from Mr Griffin and a handful of his supporters.

He had to duck placards hurled at him and dodge attackers who broke through police barriers, with officers rugby-tackling some of them, before Mr Griffin was taken into the safety of the town hall.

Mr Griffin claimed Ukip supporters would turn back to his party when they realised Nigel Farage would not “send them all home”.

He was abandoned by voters in the North West four years after the BNP won two seats in the European Parliament – which was swiftly followed by a period of turmoil within the party.

After six months on taxpayer-funded severance pay, he said he intended to campaign in the region – partly by setting up food banks exclusively for “our people”.

Asked what he would do next, Mr Griffin, who was declared bankrupt in January, said: “Well, unfortunately for the British taxpayer, outgoing MEPs still get paid for another six months.”

The north west's new MEPs are:

Labour: Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan, Julie Ward

UKIP: Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours, Steven Woolfe

Conservative: Jacqueline Foster, Sajjad Karim

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May I please urge all those poor, misguided souls who voted for the dreaded UKIP in the recent elections to read Phil's comment of the 28th of May? Our friend Phil makes the case for common sense clearly and succintly; there is nothing further to say.

Posted by Jack Harper on 4 June 2014 at 01:01

In responce to Phil can you please publish your fugures on here as they do not add up to any i have found and we are actually worse off being in europe, how can you say different,we lost our fishing industry to the spanish,our coal industry to germany and poland, our car industry to germany and italy,we give £64 billion a year which is unaudited so it could go anywhere without our knowlege,they change law to facilitate european needs such as the french farmers,that is why they pay us not to cultivate crops,we used to flood europe with excess crops,they make laws to enable anyone to come to the country causing the collapse of our infastructure due to extra demand and immigrents do not contribute financially to the economy,they are mainly on minimum wage paying minimum tax and recieving extra benefit to boost their low income taken not from european money but our taxpayers money,we recieve more off europe than we send, our main sources of employment in this country is from japanese and indian pakistani sources not european.And besides did'nt we only join europe for free trade nothing else was put on the table,but they keep demanding year after year.Ye we really are better off!!.

Posted by James O on 29 May 2014 at 12:11

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