Wednesday, 25 November 2015

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Cinema plan for Whitehaven Civic Hall

Part of Whitehaven Civic Hall could be converted into a cinema, a public meeting has heard.

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James, I'll agree with you on this; the Council doesn't do enough to promote Copeland for new business investment - don't know if this is because of the number of Councillors who have connections in the nuclear industry and can't see beyond that. And if we ever get to a situation that "what the Council says, goes" - here or anywhere else - God help us all. But as I've said before on these pages, if people don't like the Council, the place to change them is at the ballot box, not on the WN web site.

Posted by crisby on 4 December 2012 at 08:36

James. Crisby's comments were fine, so:

1. Come up with some proactive ideas and do something about them if you think they can work and

3. Learn to count

Posted by Dean on 3 December 2012 at 19:14

I dont live in the area, but i have family living around Whitehaven and i know about the problem, may sound funny, but cant you just build a purpose built multiplex, surely that is the best solution.
BTW, as a keen Warrington Wolves fan, are Whitehaven worth watching, seriously, i will be visiting next year and will probably watch haven anyway, but i just wanted to know.

Posted by matthew randles on 3 December 2012 at 11:21

In responce to crisby's pro council rant i would like to add to their responce to the following:
1."what do planners have to do with it"-the planners would have to agree and give the go ahead.
3.KFC is a franchise anyone can bid and bring it to whitehaven,as we employ at least 3 people to develop whitehaven and bring in business on £50,000 per year why don't they let business in whitehaven know this and encourage some-one to start it up with incentives and rate reductions,you also say the council has no say in what business is in place-try opening EG:a sex shop and see what the council says.
4.The open space may be private land but the council can do a compulsary purchase order on the grounds that it will improve the towns appearance,bring jobs,businesses or employment to the town and bring income to the town such as rents and rates,they have the power to do this.
And to point out in my previous posts if commenting on facts and experience as a towns person is classed as moaning well it goes to prove as we know that a locals opinion stands for nothing and what the council says goes,thats why it is so lost and out of touch.

Posted by James O on 3 December 2012 at 11:06

hi say use it or lose it

Posted by james ott on 1 December 2012 at 18:49

Thanks for all the comments,

Just to put a few things straight - this is the Cinema we have been working closely with - - fantastic place and certainly very comfy and high tech. If this goes ahead it won't be haphazard or make shift. We inquired a few years ago about running a Cinema in the Gaitey, but as someone already rightly pointed out, its owned by same people as Plaza and they won't let it as a Cinema. Also, Rosehill were the first to hear of our plans and were in full support and very envious of us being able to work with the Tyneside, one of the best Cinemas of its type in the country. It would also be different to what Rosehill do as we would be showing first run films straight away (Skyfall, Dark Knight, Hobbit etc..), as well as lots of other stuff. I would love to see this work for the town, but of course if anyone has any other ideas then we really would love to hear them!

The bands we have booked in the past (all mentioned on the first page, plus countless others - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Gomez, Zutons, Echo and the Bunnymen, Snow Patrol....) are now getting harder and harder to sell, and if they don't sell out we could lose thousands... if they do sell out, even with bar takings, we are lucky to make a grand. To bring those type of acts you have to pay good money, and the risk is currently too high... We will of course keep on trying to secure high profile acts, as we have done for many years, but the events need support. We have more people (and income) coming to the Civic now than ever, but its not enough anymore in the current climate.

Posted by Tomo on 30 November 2012 at 20:35

Ridiculous idea to make the Civic a cinema, as same with gigs in the civic hall nobody will turn up for them. If there was more finicial backing in the civic hall then more "Up to date" bands will be brought here, as they come at a price, THANK GOD FOR THE BOOF!!!!!

Posted by Josh S on 30 November 2012 at 15:20

The usual outbreak of moaning and negativity. Moaners please note:
1. This isn't a Council proposal (James O? What on earth do you think the planners have to do with it???). The Council is asking for ideas, this is one of them.
2. It is possible to convert modern buiildings into cinemas and I for one hope it works. If places like Ulverstona nd Penrith can support small cinemas, why not Whitehaven? Especially if run with volunteer input, I could fancy that myself.
3. James O - the Council can't 'turn Woolworths into a KFC' - the building is privately owned and its up to KFC if they want to open anywhere. The Council doesn't 'put in' charity shops - it's up to the owener of the building! Get a grip! The Council doesn't have the power to iinterfere in things like that.
4.Robert - the ope space at the entrance to the town is private land and has planning permission for housing. It's common knowledge that the Council tried to buy it but the owner wanted silly money. The owner, by the way, will have to pay for the demolition.
Oh, and ... how many of the moaners were at the meeting? And why haven't James O, Robert and the like come up with a single sensible suggestion? hats off to the people who are trying to do something, Whitehaven could do with more of them.

Posted by crisby on 29 November 2012 at 12:41

@Boots - no it wouldn't for the reasons stated. Who would got to a haphazardly converted theater into cinema? Those things already exist at Rosehill and Kirkgate - go on, tell us what sort of crowd they attract and what sort of films they show and when do they show the new films - about a year after release?

If you want positivity rather than negativity, give us a sensible business idea which would generate income.

Posted by Derek on 29 November 2012 at 08:25

Joe, I'm neither pessimistic or traditionalist, the very opposite in fact but this isn't a NEW idea, there is a small cinema at Rosehill already. I fear being labelled a moaner but when did this council (a) last come up with a good idea? and (b) see it through to fruition? I am honestly really struggling to think of one. We NEED change, modern change, not the old Georgian Gem routine. There is a big open space appeared at the towns entrance, a prime location, crying out for a modern facility for the use of locals, a fantastic position for a scaled down version of say "The Gate" at Newcastle. Pie in the sky I know but people need to think outside the box and be a little visionary, not looking to stand still, or go back!

Posted by Robert on 29 November 2012 at 07:12

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