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Thursday, 17 April 2014

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Children face going to different Carlisle schools from siblings

Children could face going to separate schools from their siblings as a school places row rages.

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lola - it was originally thought that kian was put in stanwix due to catment but we found it was oversubcription thus realistically means placing caitlan,too(not nesessarily die to the tight rules. this teo years policy states catchment are given priority over out-of catchment siblings - but it was done previously - that all siblings were given priority over catchment and the catchment ppl complained they weren't getting in ,so the policy was changed,thus creating this! kathryn and the other mums cant possibly be expected to split their children- one has to get to rockliffe with one and stanwix with two! a simple number shuffle would have sorted at least the problem for thse families - 37 kids without siblings got in to reception at stanwix this year - if it had been these siblings and 33 catchment would that not have been fair? bearing in mind kingmoor is no different a distance probably and no strain as only one child.siblings grow up together thru their schooling as well as at home theres so many great events to be involved in and be proud of themselves. It really is such a mess now, its been left so long - the ostrich's really need to get their heads from the sand an act fast x join the campaign, get involved help us get our school,stop the overcrowding and endless battle to get your child into a sch, its a complicated issue and many of the details are hidden as ppl arent talking but it is changing more are becoming aware and are prepared to sort things out for the children of carlisle xx

Posted by sort this mess now on 20 May 2012 at 20:32

Appologies then kathryn, I was under the impression that you were origionally in the Stanwix catchment area. In that case then your situation is absolutely awful and I can totally see why you would be angry. I hope the council take notice as this is just not fair for you poor parents. x

Posted by Lola on 17 May 2012 at 19:25

Lola- No i wanted Kingmoor last year as Kian had attended nursery there (which we are catchment for) but it was oversubscribed last year and the 60 children closest to the school got the places, thats why we got Stanwix. the LEA placed him there.

Posted by Kathryn Erskine on 15 May 2012 at 09:34

I can understand the first ladies anguish with the little one with special needs, can totally understand why she doesn't want to move her if she's thriving. The other lady however, you said that your first choice was Kingmoore but you didn't live in the catchment area so you were given Stanwix but now your other child has got a place at Kingmoore, have I got that right? If so, whilst I do sympethise with your situation, if you lived in the Stamwix catchment area when your first child got a place then that's fair on the part of the LEA is it not? If you have since moved and now live in the Kingmoore catchment area but want your second child in Stanwix like your first for convenience I totally understand, but the LEA have a juggling act and if other children live in the catchment, why should they not be given a place when for whatever reason you don't live in the catchment area? It is a rubbish situation all round but knowing how strict the rules are regarding catchment areas etc....they can't take everyones personal situation in to account.

Posted by Lola on 14 May 2012 at 21:48

Fact One
Numbers at belah School were intact rising when the consultation was announced.
Fact Two
There is no evidence it was a failing School or it would have been in special measures.
Fact Three
All consultation results had only one outcome, closure, hence no real fair consultation.
Fact Four
Parents only abandoned the School in numbers after it was announced that it was to close. (Who would want their children caught up in the mess that had been manipulated.)
Fact Five
The Eden road site is and always was the best situation for a Primary Education facility and a great opportunity was missed by the populous of the area to build a fine new School whilst the numbers temporarily dipped. It could have been ready now to use as a 21st facility for the area.
Decisions made in good faith- think not, purse string more like and lots of crossed fingers, which have now been found to be very much wanting.

Posted by haha on 12 May 2012 at 10:50

i am truly shocked at peoples lack of regard for the real issue here - the population of carlisle and england has been growing for years at an alarming rate yet no extra amenities are provided - rather knocked down!!it was to save money and make money then the parents kids and teachers take on the stress of their mistakes, parents simply want their children in the same school not seperated, they speak of families and a decent society! dont make me laugh! they are privatising everything including our kids education! population = amenities.and how can ppl comment on how another should make their kids school arrangements? cast your mind back.. was it this hard to take your child to school?

Posted by shocked on 11 May 2012 at 22:44

so hahaha, what have i said that isnt factually correct?

Come on, tell me.

Posted by Jim on 11 May 2012 at 19:02

You've given me the biggest laugh in 4 years.
This is what's wrong with us, we believe the propaganda that we are fed.
If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.

Posted by haha on 11 May 2012 at 14:58

"confused" (8th May). I assume from your post that you live North of the River! Why shouldn't Harraby get a new school. Consider that it has just been given an outstanding/good OFSTED report and is in the top 2% of schools improvemment in the country (not county). Unless you are on board of governors at Pennine Way, I fail to see how you know it is not oversubscribed at present or will be in the future. Perhaps you should get your facts right before blindly attacking an excellent school, with great teachers and wonderful kids!

Posted by R1 Rob on 11 May 2012 at 12:18

Craig the decision was a local one, not a national one, though I am sure the proper national procedures were followed. (i know no more about this than what was reported in the paper)

The decision was that of Cumbria County Council.

The Labour Party recently took control of Carlisle City Council.

These are two very different organisations, one does not answer to another. Each authority has powers and responsibilities as laid down by Parliament. The City Council plays no part in education.

The issue around the Belah School is not as simple as some on here suggest.

For the past few decades local education authorities have dealt with the problem of dropping pupil numbers.

It was always about managing declining demand. North of the river there wasnt enough pupils to fill three schools, but too many for two schools. When Belah School began to decline the County Council tried many different mechanisms to bring it back up to scratch. But the *parents* abandoned the school. There was clamour to get pupils into the superb Stanwix and Kingmoor schools as opposed to the failing school that Belah was turning into.

The county council, basing its figures on long term historical trends reckoned that any demand resulting from the closure could be soaked up primarily by kingmoor and stanwix and the spare capacity around the rest of the city could easily cope.

This was shown to be wrong. The massive rise in migration of fertile young women who have lots of children (i'll leave the details for you to work out) meant that the predicted drop in numbers reversed and we witnessed a boom in pupil numbers as you made reference to.

Did they make the wrong decision? In hindsight yes (the reasons for keeping it open at the time are not the same ones for needing it now), but they made it in good faith based on the evidence in front of them.

I do know that the County Councillor for the area Alan Toole has been steadfast in his support for these parents.

Posted by Jim on 10 May 2012 at 23:35

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