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Thursday, 17 April 2014

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Carlisle council to spend £310,000 on two-year city clean-up

Politicians who pledged to “clean up Carlisle” have set out how they will do it.

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We do not have green recycling tubs nor fancy bags, nor anything else where I live in rural Cumbria.
If we choose to recycle we have to put all our rubbish in the boot of our car and travel miles to the nearest recycling spot.
When will recycling be rolled out to villages on the outskirts of Carlisle?

Posted by Craig on 10 July 2012 at 12:15

Dear sir/madam I emailed three weeks ago regarding litter strewn all over Aglionby Street via seagulls, last night when I left work I put out our purple bags but this time I did so by piling them on top of each other in an unused green box we have, this has successfully prevented seagulls from ripping the bags up and leaving litter everywhere however your operatives seem to have left one bag in the bottom of the green box, this was clearly visible at 20 yards so i dont know how they missed it! Furthermore when my collegue came to work this morning she witnessed the dental assistant across the road having to sweep up the litter from damaged bags from the front of the dentists herself. In a slightly unrelated matter there is also a black wheelie bin (which now contains the aforementioned uncollected purple bag) that has been left unmoved on the corner of aglionby street for over 2 months now with apparently no one laying claim to it.

I know there are some things out of the councils control however the seagul problem seems now to be an epidemic, perhaps a cull or some type of recepticle (like my green box idea!) to place bags in is now inorder before we start attracting the plague rat or urban fox.

Posted by Tony Lopez on 10 July 2012 at 11:02

In a bid to stop the seagulls ripping up my purple bags i have this week placed them one on top of the other in my spare green box, will this idea pass muster with the council or will it infringe on some bizare bin man health and safety code?

Posted by Tony Lopez on 9 July 2012 at 14:41

Littering and dog fouling is not just confined to Carlisle. Since the deluge of rain making many parks and such as of the lovely countryside around Cumbria being not very pleasant being caught out in these heavy downpours I have taken to walking my toy sized dogs around some really nice villages large and small around the city and have seen many lovely gardens of the many homes. Some nice with historic churches and very old pubs open and closed. Many have really nice childrens playparks enclosures, The usual choc bar wraps on the few. Being most surprised in seeing some homes still with traditional thatched roofs. They're getting very rare around Carlisle villages now but a delight to see. The virgin countryside of the CNDR bypass road is obviously no more since opening in Spring. My Carlisle born sis used to blame townies moving into their village for this habit (besides other habits of complaining about farming etc), despite complaining of early morning 4am alarm clocks, this I was well aware of in my own families one time Nottinghamshire countryside village home where born, now engulfed by a township. Even having a townhal! Flytipping seemingly more than ever as I noticed as now I'm approaching double figures in visiting walkable villages with paths. I have not visited Carlisle's Best Kept Village just yet ... However I did see people drop litter in one market town with grubby glass shop windows and a variety of cigarette packets obviously thrown by passing vehicles and yes despite being a responsible dog owner with one lady thanking me for picking up, whilst in another I brought something nasty in my car home despite their nice poo angel sign which was not confined to the original countryside and industrial smells which now seem more rare. Thank goodness a shoe fits inside a poo bag for carrying through my home to clean outside. My carpet washing due soon from filthyness carried home whenever 2012 summer decides to be hot? The traditional past of roaming hens on roads I have once encounted more than once on Cumbrian roads through villages with now cars that seem to all go rather faster than the NSL which must make village life different with now volume of traffic passing through some. I helped, or my dogs helped a young chick of a road with a certain road death. Despite birds and cattle and many catteries which my dogs loved many villages now seemed very devoid of active farms with many using them for commuting from homes. Some drivers seem that many road verges are ideal place to deposit their litter.

I may add in seeing Parisian cleaners active at 6am then why when roads and towns are quiet can they not start an hour after the cockerel crows. Then fine the culprits of the spotless clean environment which they seem these days the merry go roundabout seems endless as I was informed by one councillor the good people that volunteer help are getting sick of the repetition of some with filthy habits. Anyone littering should be fined, not just on city street but those that throw litter into peoples lovely gardens when they try so hard against this often daily onslaught against their tidy homes.

In regard Chewing gum this should have a additional tax for the expense of cleaning pavements.

Posted by Roy on 6 July 2012 at 10:51

send the money on more council staff more street cleaners and stop making cutback £310,000 this will keep six men in work. and start fining more .

Posted by freddie on 5 July 2012 at 19:18

The City Council should create a by-law that requires all dog owners to have a dog permit for each dog. City Council could then charge every owner around £30 per permit.The money raised could then be used to off-set the costs of cleaning up dog mess.

Posted by Andy B. on 5 July 2012 at 16:29

Uhm, uhm, has anyone challenged after observing a litter lout, I HAVE, several times. Scene, market bus stop area, youth possibly 15-16 with 3-4 friends drinks contents and throws can onto road, apparently without another thought. A busy time of day, thought, perhaps one of his friends will say something, but NO. I did not raise my voice, but turned to the group and pointed out to the lad the litter bin was closer to him than the road, he did not reply, so I said he really should pick up the can (by which time the wind had blown it almost across the road) his friends mimicked what I had said. I faced him and nodded and to his credit he crossed the road picked up the can and put it into the bin, I thanked him.
No one else made any attempt to speak up, and no I do not pick on youngsters, so watch out!!!
That saying It only needs everyone to say nothing , then nothing will be done.. Roll on 72

Posted by gran on 5 July 2012 at 16:25

Have to agree with a couple of statements. Firstly, the most rubbish we get during the week is recycling day when the Council operatives spread plastic and cardboard all over our street and leave it there. Likewise bin day, if a seagull has attacked a bin, is it to much that the bin men sweep up the mess, especially as we have to use those rubbish Council issued bin bags!
Next, the biggest fundamental issue around dog waste and litter (aside from the amazingly poor attitude of so many Carlisle residents, dropping litter) is the lack of bins! Go to cities in continental Europe an there is a bin every 100 metres, you could walk for miles in parts of this city without finding any. Dog waste bins, why not put them in the key dog walking areas in every borough, ultimately it would save work.. I am not getting political, but it is a lame non-implementation of a promise by the incoming administration.

Posted by DC on 5 July 2012 at 16:20

Another thing that could be done is to ensure that litter revealed after vegetation cutting by staff and contractors is removed at the time. It is not clear how to contact this new response team.

Posted by chris on 5 July 2012 at 12:57

I totally agree that the streets and parks should be cleaned up, but i don't agree in spending £310.000 of taxpayers money to do it, if the job had been done right in the first place, we would not have this problem.
Instead of using all that money, why don't you get the people who are fit and claiming benefits, and also those who have been given community orders to do the work, that way they will be putting something back into the community

Posted by Jack on 5 July 2012 at 10:26

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