Tuesday, 01 December 2015

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Hoopers to close Carlisle department store

One of Carlisle’s most iconic city centre department stores, Hoopers, is to close after it failed to turn around losses running into six figures.

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C&A, Primark suppliers use child labour: report

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Four large Indian textile firms which make clothing for Dutch department store C&A and the Primark chain among others are still using child labour, according to Dutch multinational research institute Somo in Wednesday's Volkskrant.

The report says young teenage girls have been found working at the four firms which produce solely for the export market. Some girls are forced to work overtime or banned from leaving the factory compound. Others have part of their earning withheld for their dowry, the paper says.

Both C&A and Primark are among eight clothing companies which signed a joint reaction to the report, pledging to work with local organisations to end child exploitation.

'This is not window dressing,' a C&A spokesman is quoted as saying by the Volkskrant. 'We are actively looking for ways to tackle the problems, such as by warning the parents of 14-year-old girls about the recruitment tactics used by companies with a bad reputation.'

The report is due to be published on Thursday.

Posted by Chris on 22 May 2012 at 19:35

Are we all supposed to know who Barry is?

Posted by Johnson on 19 May 2012 at 11:26

This is very sad news for our city's shopping community, Me and Barry used to love shopping here for 'treats', I just hope it isn't replaced by something less fashionable selling the same old 'lesser' brands. Me and Barry used to particularly enjoy shopping for the smaller 'contemporary' things for the conservatory and bathroom in Hoopers. We will now have to drive to Newcastle or Edinburgh for this type of shopping from now on.

Posted by Fairs on 17 May 2012 at 18:11

I would like to see Primark go into the lanes rather than into one of the cities oldest stores, it would be a travesty if that were to happen.
I really hope that the faith that people are putting into Primark pays off, personally i think it's tat, there's an old saying, "buy cheap buy twice"..

Posted by Bobby dash on 17 May 2012 at 13:33

Top floor - chapmans furniture

1`st floor - Hoopers

Ground floor - Waitrrose

Please don't leave this property empty or full of charity shops or teen cheap fashion. It is directly opposite the Cathedral, en route to Tullie House and The Castle - in other words this building is on the tourise trail.

Posted by maria johnson on 17 May 2012 at 12:40

Castle's historical spud market has long gone. Many other popular venues beyond St Mary's Gate such as the city hall, toy shop later a delicatessen. Halstead's Bookshop, run or owned by Mr French. Their was one tasty shop, often the reason for a trek down the street was then past Bullough's being alongside was the very popular Armstrong's Cake shop. The Street now seemingly a mix of a independent shop for secondhand books, ladies fashion and hairstylists for ladies and gents. I'm not sure how, or why, I should need my nails re-patterned just quiet yet. Perhaps sharpened for city's lack of response at demise at it's historical buildings. The closure of Carlisle's Tullie House Library by Carlisle City Council had a further effect on footfall, whilst the Boardroom Inn and new Musuem cafe and that of Carlisle Cathedral cafe all seem to have taken a hit with what started with the council's closure of the Castle streets link with the Carlisle Castle many years ago with the Castleway highway road almost wanting motorway status. In recent years many reconnections with the city history has been suggested. One being a crossing by our serving RH. MP. I look forward to the new Border Regiment Musuem and cafe since new Carlisle Archive Centre at h'mmm, Harraby, or is it one of the town's old village of Upperby? Ps. Satnavs? Humped back packhorse bridge, do aim for Harraby if in HGV. The council selling of the city hall to Northumbria University and then Tullie House Library with new city Lanes shopping centre the new Globe Lane Library. Site of city hall now being for let for almost all the period since Nothumbria University in Cumbria left the location. It has been said, the same council has reduced footfall further... with the new pedestrianised facilities of granite benches which seemingly are seldom used. Notwithstanding car parking reductions, these which may help the parking wardens reduction in work loads when car's park on the so called cycle lanes. They ignore switched times on our street (as with others complained of such) so perhaps the council consider a social house build policy with so few being built for my rather elderly neighbours and others in the city. Presently alike shoppers on Castle street they find they cannot get into their homes when cars are parked all day against rules that are not adhered. The staffing of Stocklund house as I recall had a BT Drawing Office on one floor almost alone, besides other organisations in the same building, most now re-located, or as with skills of survey drawings now computerised. One such as taxation not particular liked but essential, whilst avoided by some who don't. Rufus House staffing now recently questioned by HM Government who seemingly should have another *Parliament held in the City of Carlisle if they want to know what austerity has done for the city in it's past, present and future.

Wind on to the present and Sainsbury's and increased popular venues for exhibitions in Tullie House may help. Fisher Street's Central Hall has been mothballed for what now must be a decade and shown to be ideal for theatre productions of a size Carlisle can sustain. The City Council endlessly say the ABC's art deco Lonsdale is commercially unsustainable amongst it's fine decor buildings. Indeed the White House Inn was nicely restored with then comments by MP Eric Martlew. The planned extensions to the Sands with footfall repetitively leads folk alike the pied piper of Hamelin away from the city centre. Soon perhaps swimming away if eyed ventures of a new swimming pool planned afar from Viaduct with perhaps more boarding up services. Hopefully our twinned city does better.

The future seemingly in a city centre that once survived on a vast selection of hotels and pubs by the dozen. Warehousing nearby of Paint, electrical suppliers and paper suppliers all relocated to industrial estates. Angel Inn now Co-op travel and Blue Bell Coaching Inn now recently serving a credit function. Many of the independent shops gone since Carlise City Lanes rebuild. They're now seemingly to be only surviving just into double figures before the race for multi-national shops in every city.

Two bidders? Primark for Hoopers and Chapman's for John Lewis's who already have a warehouse function in the city. Ironically linkage of John + Chapman might appeal to American visitors with John Chapman having being the artist in painting the Pocahontas the Indian princess now hanging in Washington. Next exciting Tullie House Exhibition ?

Diversity from retail .... Top Rank Group Casino?

* Carlisle being not a town but a city where of the few in GB a Parliament has been held. Madam Tussauds being another possibilty....

Future? My fashion designer son added once theirs plenty of work in Taiwan and folk obviously don't have to carry a heavier new wardrobe of clothes from London to Paris fashion cat walks soaked in English rain.

Posted by Roy on 15 May 2012 at 09:55

Zara Home and Women/Men/Children Store would be a great suggestion for the building, they could expand into the whole store and it's affordable yet current. Any one who doubts me aught to look at the stores they have in Europe especially Palma, Mallorca.

Posted by Jj on 15 May 2012 at 03:57

I shop online as I find a lot, not all, of the Carlisle shop assistants to be rude and disinterested. They obviously feel the same way about their customers, but without them they're toast.

Posted by RL on 14 May 2012 at 20:42

It is a sad fact that Hoopers has been far too expensive,for instance a pair of Jeans for £140 most will not pay that now if ever they did coupled with fact of lack of convenient nearby parking, and i am not the only one saying this.

Hoopers needed to move with the times..as did M%S which succeeded more. One or two of the staff in the past weren't too friendly either at Hoopers.

I see Jaegar also is at it's end well again very expensive for majority of folks out there.

Posted by Pete on 14 May 2012 at 14:22

Shame the vultures who were picking the carcass in Hoopers on Friday and Saturday were unable to set foor in the store let alone spend money in it prior to the closing down sale ! It must be soul destroying for the 83 staff as they know who their regular customers were !

Posted by CMR on 13 May 2012 at 11:33

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