Praise for Cumbria's workforce from in-cumbria Business Award sponsor

16 October 2017 10:35PM

ON the world stage WYG is leading change through its award-winning professional services operations across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

A global company with its ethos deeply embedded in providng the very best of project management and technical support, WYG is also driving major developments throughout Cumbria.

WYG, with its access to multi-disciplinary expertise, is the partner of choice for many organisations operating in complex or challenging environments,

Here in Cumbria WYG has demonstrated its deep commitment to the county through the development of its offices in Cockermouth and Carlisle.

It has honed specific skills in the county that it now exports throughout the country and the world.

Now a solid part of the county's landscape, the company has demonstrated its confidence in the area, its industry and workforce, by sponsoring the Best Professional Services Company in the 2017 in-cumbria Business Awards.

These will be presented by the BBC's media editor Amol Rajan, former editor of The Independent, at an evening of celebration at The Halston Hotel in Warwick Road, Carlisle on November 9 when the winners will be announced in 16 categories.

Based in Cockermouth is Craig Hatch, divisional director of the consultancy services arm of the business which makes up a large part of the overall company operations.

He said: “We believe that what stands us apart from our peers is that we have recognised the skill base unique to Cumbria and used this to lead a significant part of our business.

“The skills within our teams in Cockermouth and Carlisle are generally acknowledged as being of the highest standards allowing growth and jobs creation at all levels within the team.”

Lynda Thwaite is director of marketing, communication and employee engagement with Leeds-based WYG which also has offices in Manchester and Liverpool.

She explained their aim was to help build and develop careers in Cumbria through their offices in Cockermouth and Carlisle. WYG acquired its city office two years ago when it took over North Associates (Cumbria) Ltd which is based at Kingstown.

Lynda added: “We are very lucky that we have a very good foundation in Cockermouth and Carlisle with Craig as our divisional director.

“We have a very strong commitment to Cumbria where we are heavily involved in the energy and nuclear sector.”

She said WYG had a history of working with in-cumbria and CN Media and saw the business awards as a way of promoting the county's skills and expertise.

“We manage global projects and these awards give us the chance to give a something back to this community,” she explained.

“We want to see skills and expertise in our area of professional services rewarded. We are very much part of the county and have 75 staff at Cockermouth and Carlisle who are based, live and work in the area.

“It is important that we see the development of sustainable business in Cumbria. We have the Energy Coast in the county which brings with it residential and career opportunities. Our message is that Cumbria is a great place to live and work.

The consultancy division run by Craig makes up the bulk of the WYG business which as Lynda explained lends gravitas to the whole operations.

The other two divisions are the strategic, advisory front-end operations with international development as the third.

“All our offices are multi-disciplinary which means Cockermouth can deliver end-to-end services particularly in the fields of energy, nuclear and residential,” he said.

“We are very proud of our record of building and developing careers in cumbria rather than drafting in people from outside to do the work. We are all about helping to develop home-grown talent.

“We as a company do a lot of outreach work with schools so that students can get an appreciation of what jobs are available here in the county rather than believing they have to move away for career opportunities.”

The Carlisle office has a rural emphasis with planning consultants, project and cost managers and asset management specialists liaising with farm and land managers.

The Best Professional Services Company Award will recognise a business which can demonstrate an outstanding level of professional service delivery. Judges will be looking for:

* Strong professional credentials

* Promotion of brand identity

* Professionalism in service delivery

* Professional accreditation levels of senior managers

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