Youngsters practise gurning before the champions take to the stage


Gurning pupils have been getting into the Crab Fair spirit by pulling their best faces in preparation for this weekend's festivities.

Pupils at St Bridget's Catholic Primary School and Bookwell Primary School, both in Egremont, showed their favourite gurns as the town geared up for last night's live music performances.

Excited pupils, who will be attending today's Crab Fair fun, displayed gurns to concern current world champion Gordon Blacklock and multiple winner Tommy Mattinson.

Primary school children have also been taking part in an apple designing competition with an iPod shuffle up for grabs for the winner. The Crab Fair committee will choose the best design today.

"Children from each class have been taking part in the apple designing competition and the winner has a chance of winning an iPod," said Bookwell headteacher Russell Hardy.

"All the children go to the fair, it's such a massive thing for Egremont."

And St Bridget's student Mischa McFadden, 10, said: "I'm looking forward to it, I like to watch all the different entertainment especially the dancing."

Gurning is a key part of the Crab Fair weekend with competitors travelling from across the country. Contestants have to pull a grotesque face through a horse collar, known as a braffin.

Entries for the World Gurning Championships are taken on the night.

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