VIDEO: Meet the twins whose uncontrollable hair turns heads

Cockermouth twins Agnetha and Anja Norendal have uncombable hair syndrome
Cockermouth twins Agnetha and Anja Norendal have uncombable hair syndrome

Twins Anja and Agnetha Norendal's wild locks turn heads as they walk down the street.

The nine-year-old girls are two of about 100 children worldwide with a rare condition that means their blonde hair is impossible to tame.

But the twins are immensely proud of their tangled hair and even pose with strangers who ask for photographs.

Mum Angela Norendal believes her daughters are the only twins in the world who have uncombable hair syndrome (UHS).

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"We have heard of no others," said Angela, who lives at Castlegate Drive in Cockermouth.

"People in Cockermouth are quite used to them, so don't really stare anymore, but when we go elsewhere you can see people staring and talking and as you go past and look back, they're also looking back."

It was about five or six years ago when when mum-of-nine Angela realised the girls had unusual hair.

"I couldn't do anything with it, it just stood up," she said.

While attending a doctors appointment with her other daughter, the doctor suggested the girls may have the syndrome.

Since then, they have learned to live with their tresses – mainly by using a lot of conditioner and pulling their fingers through it rather than using a brush.

And when they wash their hair, they just use water as too many products dry it out even more.

"They absolutely love their hair, but I don't know how they'll feel once they get older," laughed Angela. "They're beautiful and I love them and am very proud of them."

She also revealed how the twins, who attend All Saints Primary School, have only ever had their hair cut three times.

"It grows very very slowly," she said. "Most of the people who have UHS have the same colour hair - blonde - and it looks like they've actually got roots."

Because of their unique looks the girls have been stopped in the street by strangers, asking if they'll pose for a photograph.

"It's a bit strange," said Angela, "but it's people's curiosity."

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