Superman flew into bring Taste Cumbria to popular Crab Fair

Egremont Crab Fair committee launches its healthy eating campaign, ahead of this year's 750th anniversary fair
Egremont Crab Fair committee launches its healthy eating campaign, ahead of this year's 750th anniversary fair

Superman flew in to help primary school students support a bid to bring Taste Cumbria to Cumbria's popular Crab Fair.

Egremont Crab Fair marks its 750th anniversary this year, and organisers are looking to add the food festival to the celebrations alongside healthy eating workshops for schoolchildren.

Pupils from all the local primary schools - St. Bridget's School, Bookwell School and Orgill School - gathered with committee members, Copeland's deputy mayor Lena Hogg and Superman to launch the campaign.

"Having the Taste Cumbria food and drink festival in Egremont is a great opportunity for the town," said Mrs Hogg, who is also chairwoman of Egremont town council.

"School children will receive a good education on local food, healthy eating and balanced diets and they will also benefit from a wide variety of menus from our county.

"There would also be significant economic benefits for Egremont in hosting the event which will bring visitors from far and wide."

And Copeland mayor Mike Starkie is urging people to support the organising committee in the build up to the anniversary fair.

"I think the town of Egremont is on the cusp of a revival and the Crab Fair and its 750th anniversary event could play a huge part in that renaissance," he said.

"Support the efforts of the Crab Fair committee to make this a truly memorable event for residents past and present."

A spokesman for the committee said: "We have looked at lots of different ways in which we could make the 750th Crab Fair a special one and when mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie suggested we bring the very popular Taste Cumbria to Egremont we could not think of a better way to reinvigorate our event.

"As well as the food festival we also hope to deliver a number of healthy eating workshops and demonstrations in our local primary schools. The schools are always happy to get involved with Crab Fair, this would be our way of giving something back.

"We are still in the very early stages of planning the project, this involves looking at different ways in which we fund the festival and workshops. We have the support of local councillors and our schools really like the idea of promoting healthy eating using local food and local chefs."

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