Rescue dog Teddy's makeover ready for his new home


One very lucky rescue dog was clipped, snipped and groomed within a hair of his life to make him ready for his new home.

Teddy the Shih Tzu looked like a new dog after he was given a complete makeover in the Groom Room at Pets at Home in Penrith.

The sweet natured dog, who is nearly two-years-old, came to Oak Tree Animals' Charity at Wetheral about four weeks ago in need of a spruce up.

Charlotte Pinder, marketing and fundraising officer for the charity, said: "He had quite a long coat and unfortunately this kind of coat can be hard to manage.

"He was quite knotty and matty. When fur like that starts to mat it can be quite sore and pull."

Teddy came to Oak Tree Animals' Charity because his previous owners were moving to rented accommodation where animals are not allowed.

Pets at Home in Penrith works in partnership with a number of local animal charities including Oak Tree and fundraises for them.

Staff at Oak Tree asked if Teddy could have a restyle in the store's specialised Groom Room, where dogs can get all kinds of makeovers from basic baths to full styles.

Cath Gash, store manager at Pets at Home in Penrith, said: "He came in a real state. He looked quite sorry for himself because he could hardly see out of his eyes.

"He had so many tats, the girls were limited in what they could do. They had to give him quite a close cut all over."

After his makeover was finished, Teddy was like a new dog.

Cath said: "He was so chuffed with himself afterwards. He was skipping around the Groom Room."

Cath, who has a Shih Tzu crossed with a poodle, would have gladly taken Teddy home with her if he hadn't already got a home lined up.

But within weeks of being at the Oak Tree, Teddy has been snapped up and will be moving in with his new owners soon.

Charlotte said: "He's lovely, he's such a softy. He loves everybody. He likes to come up and snuggle up to your feet.

"He's a cuddle monster really."

Oak Tree Animals' Charity at Wetheral has about 17 dogs at the moment all waiting for new homes.

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