General Election 2017: You tell us what's important to you

Election count
Election count

"Whenever the Government says they're going to do something, that they act on it."
Robert Potts, 17, Stanwix, Carlisle

"I would like to see whoever becomes Prime Minister to be open, honest and stick to their word."
Luke Little, 18, Newtown, Carlisle

"We need to make sure that Brexit happens and make sure that the economy is where it should be."
Elizabeth Monaghan, 71, Wigton

"The Government has to listen to people and do the things that it promises."
Jacob Park, 17, Houghton

"I'm not to sure about everything, but it is important that the NHS is saved."
Emily Mead, 23, Stanwix

"I'm not too sure. Making sure that pensioners are okay and have enough money would be good, though."
Audrey Easterbrook, 88, Morton

"We need a man in charge. She shouldn't be there. She wasn't elected."
Maureen Burton, 70, Denton Holme

"We need to sort the NHS. I've experienced what it's like because my wife has been in hospital. That's the most important thing."
W.R. Dean, 67, Morton

"We need to make sure that the NHS is as good as it can be."
Jade Burkill, 22, Stanwix

"I think we need to keep a tighter control on the benefits system. I was ill recently - I couldn't really walk - and I wasn't able to get any, but there are people who aren't as bad as I was and are able to claim them."
Andrew Newlands, 29, Carlisle city centre

"What I would like to ask the candidates is...disabled people have been hit hard recently, with cuts in both social and mental care not to mention having their benefits reassessed by incompetent companies like Atos, Capita and Maximus.
"Will the candidates guarantee that these companies will be taken to task about their failings and not be allowed when their contract has expired to bid for them again.
"Also that the social and physical needs of the disabled will be acknowledged by the government and will no longer be treated like second class citizens."
Stephen Snell, 44, Barrow

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"I want them to make sure my little man is guaranteed free health care; when his chest is bad he gets oxygen, when his legs are tight and in pain give this boy an operation to help him instead of wasting money on boob jobs and tuck! Give my son what he needs to live a healthy life!
"Stop giving benefits to people who can work and give them back to the people who really can't."
Lianne Morgan, 33, Ulverston

 Will Adams

Will Adams

"We need a government which listens and acts upon the voices of young people.
"For too long, young people have been ignored by establishment politicians and it is about time that they realise we are here and deserve to be listened to as much as everybody else.
"How can any government come forward and say that our next generation is going to be stronger than this one when our young people are being treated as scapegoats to make up shortfalls in departmental budgets?
"It's imperative that whichever party forms a government after the election does something about this straight away so that the next generation is better prepared and equipped to deal with the inevitable challenges they will face."
Will Adams, 19, Dalton

"I want a government that is going to fund our NHS and schools properly.
"Which will stop penalising people in arbitrary tick box exercises carried out by non-medical staff. I want politicians who will ensure the most vulnerable are helped, to reduce poverty and end this reliance we have on food banks.
"I want a treasury that is hard on tax evasion and ensures that the wealthiest pay their fair share whilst freezing tax for the poorly paid.
"I want an open and honest discussion on brexit. I don't want it to be a stand off. Diplomacy rather than posturing should be the order of the day."
Peter Garbacz, 35, Barrow

 Gill Jepson

Gill Jepson

"I'm looking for a party that stops with short term vote winning spin and actually publishes a long term strategy for the stability of the UK both through Brexit and beyond, so that I know I'm voting for a party that sees beyond a fixed five-year term and looks to the future for our children."
Stuart Hosking-Durn, 43, Rochdale (Resilience and emergency planning manager at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust)
"I'm looking for honesty, integrity, transparency, fairness for all, a free education, NHS and a welfare system which supports the poorest and the neediest in society, a decent job market and fair wages, no petty party squabbling, name calling and aggression. But this is probably not going to happen is it?"
Gill Jepson, Barrow

"I'm not surprised there's going to be another election. I think it's something Theresa May needed to do to prove a point. I would like the Conservatives to do well. I think the tables are turning."
Jane Lewthwaite, 55, of Kells

"I hope Theresa May gets in and we get out of Europe. I know she was a remainer so I hope she doesn't make a mess of it. We just need to get out and get on with it."
Harry Doloughan, 70, Bransty

Tell us what you think! What issues are most important to you and your family? Tell us below. You can also email video clips to

"I hope that the Labour Party get in because they are the party for the ordinary people and they're the ones who need help now."
Pauline Grears, 67, Cleator Moor

"I am hoping for a fairer society no matter who gets in, but I don't think it will ever happen."
Jim Pullen, 72, Egremont

 Dolly Daniel

Dolly Daniel

"I just hope, whichever party gets in, that there will be a fairer future for everybody in the country."
Hayden Lowery, 47, Gosforth

"I am both hoping for and expecting the return of a Labour government and, therefore, social justice and a better deal for the dispossessed and disabled."
Dolly Daniel, 66, Maryport

"I always vote on the basis of who is the best MP for our constituency. The election is a national decision so there isn't much we can do about it.
"We should just focus on our local area."
Jonty Chippendale, 56, Cockermouth

"I'm not keen on elections – it's just a vote between parties but I believe you should use your vote on a local basis – what the candidate will do for the local area.
"I would like Sue Hayman to do well – I think she's a brilliant MP. I think nationally the Tories will be best for Brexit but not for the NHS."
Bill Barnes, 77, Maryport

"I want Theresa May to get a landslide so Jeremy Corbyn doesn't get anywhere.
"I don't like the way other parties are trying to force her to say what she's going to do regarding Brexit. A good poker player keeps his cards close to his chest."
Allan Seymour, 62, Seaton

"I think the election is necessary. I would like the Conservatives to form a government, I think they are the only party who can get us through Brexit."
Warren Baxter, 86, Whitehaven

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Ian   Hutchinson , Whitehaven Monday, 22 May, 2017 at 12:55AM
Who honestly believes anything these lying gits say, everyone knows politicians are economical with the truth 100% of the time. Whether it's the limp dems, Conservative nasty party or the joke labour party, no other parties matter cos they have no chance of winning, I'm sick to death of the lot of it and let's face it NOTHING ever changes does it........... Politicians need to start working for their salaries and paying for their own things like normal folk have to instead of claiming on expenses for everything. And please get rid of the scroungers in the upper house, 300 quid just for turning up...... This country is a joke.
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John   , Carlisle Friday, 19 May, 2017 at 11:28PM
The most important thing this time, indeed the only thing that really matters, is getting the best possible deal out of the EU and only the Conservatives can manage that. A Labour victory would be a complete disaster for the country.
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Me   , Cumbria Monday, 15 May, 2017 at 2:43PM
What's important in this election? Stopping the Tory party selling off the NHS so they can line their pockets. Stopping the Tory party from bringing back animal cruelty (fox hunting). Stopping the Tory party from selling the country down the river with a poor Brexit dealt... ... I could go on but essentially if you don't have a small fortune in the bank to survive off then you can't sensibly vote Tory.
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city resident   , Carlisle Monday, 15 May, 2017 at 11:15AM
During the Election campaigning please will all candidates and their entourages refrain from bad mouthing others. Instead will they concentrate on helping the electorate to understand what their policies are and how they intend to implement them. Over the last few years it has been very difficult to make informed decisions as too much emphasis is on how bad "the other party" will be for the country. Let's have some positive points to consider for a change.
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Colin   Agnew , Carlisle Thursday, 11 May, 2017 at 9:48PM
Tories are currently in Power and control the Success Regime, will they reverse the proposals of the Success Regime in light of the evidence from former local NHS consultants and local people in Cumbria? I think not a vote for the Tories is a vote for the Success Regime which will destroys our local NHS provision
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Bill   Morgan , Brittany, France Thursday, 11 May, 2017 at 9:57AM
Brexit is a disaster for us Brits living in another EU state, and I fear it will be detrimental to those living in the UK too! I think the Conservatives will negotiate the most favourable exit deal. Sadly, with Corbyn in charge, it's a one horse race anyway.
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