Future Gordon Ramsays to be trained in Cumbria


The Gordon Ramsays of the future are being trained at a new chef academy in the north.

The HIT Chef Academy, which operates in Cumbria and Lancashire, trains apprentices to make them future culinary stars.

The Cumbrian apprentices include Tom Armstring from The Old Mill Inn at Dearham, Joshuah Lowery from Bransty Arch in Whitehaven, Ruth Seggie from Mr Browns in Brampton, Hannah Sherwood from The Cornerstone Cafe in Carlisle, Lucia Lipscombe from The Halston Aparthotel in Carlisle and Josh Tyldesley, currently between roles.

The academy was launched in Penrith in conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week, with a special celebratory six-course meal for local businesses completely designed, prepared and served by a team of apprentices.

Headed by Paul Mannering, academy principal, and run by chef trainers, Martin Black and Suzanne Grant, the new training programme brings together the very best in culinary excellence to provide the apprentices with the highest quality training, development and learning in the industry.

The over-arching goal of the HIT Chef Academy is to challenge and stretch apprentices, supporting them to raise their core skills and confidence through the dynamic syllabus, including subjects such as knife skills, stocks, cold presentation, patisserie, kitchen management, flavour profiles and team work.

Speaking about the launch, Samantha Addison, sector manager for HIT training, said: "The launch was a huge success and it was brilliant to see so many of our apprentices get involved.

"They all worked extremely hard, demonstrating the skills that they have learnt throughout their training and an obvious passion for hospitality - we are extremely proud of all their achievements.

"We have really enjoyed getting involved in National Apprenticeship Week and hope that as a result, more people are aware of the different qualifications available through doing an apprenticeship and are encouraged to embark on a work-based learning programme.

"Apprenticeships have a vital role to play in training the next generation of chefs.

"By launching the HIT Chef Academy we hope to offer more chefs the opportunity to build a successful career in the hospitality industry and to invest in their training and development for the benefit of both the chefs and their employers."

The other apprentices are: Tracey Brown from Marco & Carl in Preston, James Ashworth from The Wagon & Horses in Lancaster, Lucy Campbell and Jemma Stead from Curlew Crafts in Ingleton, Jessica Wickington from The Hollywood Star in Burnley.

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