Drunk Carlisle man turned violent after barman denied him more drink

The Nag's Head pub
The Nag's Head pub

A drunk customer at a Brampton pub turned violent when the barman politely refused to serve him any more drinks.

Magistrates sitting at Carlisle's Rickergate courts complex heard how John Joseph Percival, 30, who had drunk two bottles of wine and five or six pints of lager, became aggressive and then threw a pint glass at the barman.

He admitted a common assault on Christopher Gummersall. Outlining the case, prosecutor Peter Kelly said the offence happened at the Nag's Head in Brampton on April 15.

Earlier in the evening, Percival was behaving acceptably but by 11.15pm he was stumbling around and the bar manager told Mr Gummersall to not serve him.

"When told this," said Mr Kelly, "Mr Percival became aggressive and raised his voice. He wanted to know why he had had too much to drink. He then grabbed a pint glass with his left hand and threw it at Mr Gummersall.”

The victim said the glass hit his stomach, spilling beer over his shirt. Even as he was being led from the pub, Percival remained aggressive and was swearing.

Rachel Dixon, for Percival, of Mount Pleasant Road, Currock, Carlisle, said her client recognised he drank too much that evening. He had battled a drink problem for a decade.

The court heard he had suffered from post traumatic stress ever since a stranger threw a slate through his car window. But Miss Dixon said Percival, who could not remember any of the previous assaults he had committed, had sought help.

A Probation Service worker in court said the defendant became violent when drunk. A self-employed motor trader, who also had a house clearance business, he was currently taking time out from work to address his issues.

A father with a young child from a previous relationship, he currently lived with another partner who was pregnant.

The probation worker said: “In the lead up to this offence, in that week, he had been drinking every day. He uses alcohol as a coping mechanism in times of stress.”

Magistrates fined Percival £233, and ordered him to pay his victim compensation of £50, and £85 court costs. He must also complete a 20 day rehabilitation requirement. The defendant already owes £2,077 in unpaid fines. He agreed to pay off £500 of that debt within 28 days and then £25 a week thereafter.

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