Dad's moving tribute to son killed in crash


A father has paid an emotional tribute to his "wonderful" teenage son who died in a car crash.

Steve McClure, of Lowry Hill, Carlisle, said 18-year-old Jordan "had affected so many people's lives for the better" and that his loss left a "huge hole in our lives".

Barrow-born Jordan died on Easter Sunday after his car lost control and crashed into a bridge over Mill Beck near Kirkandrews-on-Eden, between Carlisle and Burgh-by-Sands.

An inquest into his death was held today at Cumbria House, home of Cumbria County Council in Botchergate, Carlisle.

He affected so many people's lives for the better and for that we are grateful for all the good he did

Mr McClure described Jordan, a promising young joiner with Eden Construction Services, as someone with "a good heart and strong work ethic".

Mr McClure said: "He had hopes for the future and talked about going to Romania to help at an orphanage.

"He was a loving, caring son, grandson, brother, nephew and friend."

The teenager was also "fun" with a "lively personality".

"There was never a dull moment with Jordan," said Mr McClure.

"He affected so many people's lives for the better and for that we are grateful for all the good he did."

Mr McClure also revealed that the last two Sundays the family had spent together had been "so special".

He said: "On Palm Sunday he [Jordan] had made the whole family a picnic and on Easter Sunday he helped make lunch and played his favourite music to us."

Jordan, a former cadet, has left a legacy of tradesman talents.

His father explained he was involved in creating an extension at the Hebron Church in Botchergate, Carlisle, and work at Honister Slate Mine.

"I'm glad that there are things he helped make and build that will last for a long time," said his father.

"We will never forget Jordan and will always be grateful he was a part of our lives if only for a short time. He was a wonderful person to us."

Area coroner Kally Cheema concluded that the former Trinity School pupil died of head injuries as a result of the collision.

The crash on the afternoon of April 16 was discovered when a passing motorist pulled over to remove debris from the road.

Collision investigator PC Craig Irving, of Cumbria Police, said there were a number of factors that "most likely" contributed to it.
They are that the teenager was not driving to the conditions, defects and poor maintenance of the car's tyres and suspension, and the speed the car may have been travelling at when it lost control.

Wet weather conditions were "appalling", he added.

It was raining heavily and there was a "considerable amount" of standing water on the road.

The inquest also heard that the C2042 road, although straight, was undulating, a factor which would affect the vehicle's suspension.

Tyre defects meant that there was also the potential that the car may have been aquaplaning, PC Irving explained.

He also told the hearing that he had been unable to determine what speed the car was travelling at but that the extensive damage it had sustained was "not consistent with a low speed".

It was only the second time the teenager had been driving his Mini Cooper since he had carried out repairs on it.

An examination of the car - uninsured at the time of the crash - later found that it was in a "dangerous condition" due to tyre and suspension defects.

Driving records state that the young driver had been involved in a crash in the centre of Carlisle and had, on two separate occasions, been reported for having car defects in the time since passing his test.

PC Irving said it appeared that the teenager had a "lackadaisical attitude" to maintaining his car.

After the tragedy a memorial car convoy was held in May, organised by friends from Unity Cumbria Car Cruise of which Jordan was a popular member.

Jordan's parents Steve and Maggie, aunt Angela and girlfriend Chantel were among those who attended the inquest.

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