Cumbria's top 50 trees revealed after public vote


A list of Cumbria's top 50 trees has been published - after nearly 3,000 people cast their votes.

The winner - an ash, near Coniston - received almost 500 votes, pipping a stump at Talkin Tarn to first place.

In third place was a hawthorn growing from a rock on the isolated Asby Common.

The winning tree was nominated by 61-year-old Sue Bond, who nicknamed it the Courageous Tree and saw it as an inspiration in her battle against lung cancer.

Sue, who lost her fight against the disease earlier this year said that the the ash - which was cut in half by a lightning strike - clung to life despite being damaged.

After nominating the tree, she said: "It is my friend. It has beauty, courage and deserves love.

"It has suffered severe damage and trauma, yet it clings to life with amazing tenacity.

"This tree encourages me to be tenacious and hopeful. If this tree can survive, then I have a chance too."

Her husband Jeff, 72, said: "I am so proud that a tree that gave Sue hope touched the hearts of so many others."

The beech stump at Talkin Tarn, near Brampton, was nominated by Millie Gavican after it inspired one schoolboy to see his teacher's arthritic hands in its knobbly roots.

"We were on a school trip at the time and I was amazed at this little boy's vivid imagination," said Millie, 71.

The project to produce a list of Cumbria's top 50 trees was backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund and co-ordinated by forester Iris Glimmerveen.

She said: "The top three in Cumbria's Top 50 Trees are perhaps not the most remarkable in some people's eyes.

"But the human stories behind them inspired thousands of people to vote for them."

Regarding the winning tree, she added: "It became apparent that Sue's powerful connection to this tree inspired the public.

"From the first day our website opened for votes at the beginning of March, it took a lead and never lost it."

The hawthorn on Asby Common was nominated by Jan Darrall, who said that it was a potent symbol of the hardy upland Cumbrian spirit, defying the odds to survive in a harsh environment.

A full gallery of the top 50 trees can be seen by visiting

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Me   , Cumbria Thursday, 22 June, 2017 at 11:18AM
How can a stump be voted into second place? It's no longer a tree, it's a stump, amazing given the number of beautiful trees that surround us that people can look at a stump and think it vote worthy. I smell a rat.
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