Cumbria's most haunted: ghosts and where they can be found - videos

The spooky footage from The Wolfe in Penrith
The spooky footage from The Wolfe in Penrith

It's Friday the 13th - the setting for one of the most notorious series of horror films - and Halloween is fast approaching.

So we've decided to recap some of Cumbria's spookiest ghost stories and sightings on the most superstitious day of the year.

One of the most striking sightings in recent years came in Penrith.

In a spooky experience in 2010, ghostly images were caught on camera at a pub.

At The Wolfe in Little Dockray, CCTV film shows a ball of light descending through the ceiling. It hovers among the tables and pulsates before zooming off.

See the video here:

Another sighting in Carlisle also proved thought provoking.

Two women working in an off licence in Botcherby in 2010 were stopped in their tracks when a strange white mist appeared on CCTV screens showing the outside of the store.

See the video here:

According to bosses at the Lake District National Park, the county has its fair share of ghosts and stories stretching back centuries.

The authority says:

– An outlaw from the 13th century, Bjorn, is said to haunt the area around Styhead Pass, between Wasdale and Borrowdale.

– At Wasdale Head, a ghostly galloping horse carrying a coffin is rumoured to wander.

– The white horse of Windermere is a legend in south Cumbria. When harm is about to come to the neighbourhood around the lake, it is said a ghostly white horse walks on the water - from shore to shore.

– On stormy nights centuries ago, the ferrymen at Ferry Nab at Windermere were said to hear strange calls for the boat to come across the water - but were too afraid to go.

One night a young ferryman scoffed at the fears and rowed across. On his return, whatever he had seen had terrified him so much that he couldn't speak and the next day he died.

Locals are said to have asked a monk who lived on one of the islands to exorcise the ghost. On Christmas Day, so legend has it, he took a bell and Bible across the lake and confined the ghost to the woods.

– Ghostly troops were said to have been spotted on Souther Fell, near Mungrisdale.

Legend has it on midsummer's day in 1745 a line of marching troops, cavalry and carriages were seen travelling along the summit ridge for hours.

"Sober and respected" witnesses later testified on oath to what they had seen. The next day Souther Fell was climbed and not a footprint was found on the soft ground.

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