Cumbrian town council could face second by-election

Darren Elliot
Darren Elliot

A second by-election could be held for Whitehaven town council following the resignation of another councillor.

Darren Elliot, who represents the Hensingham ward, has stepped down from the post due to other commitments.

His departure follows the resignation of Norman Williams, for the Mirehouse ward, in late January.

Both councillors have served on the town council since it was formed in May 2015.

Speaking about Mr Elliot's departure, Marlene Jewell, interim clerk for the town council, said: "If more than 10 electors in the Hensingam ward write to Copeland Council to say they want an election there has to be an election."

Hensingham residents have until Monday, May 8 to write to Copeland Council.

If electors do not call for an election, the town council would have to co-opt a town councillor instead.

Following Mr Williams' resignation earlier this year, members of the public called for a by-election to be held for the seat. This will be held on May 4 at the same time as the Cumbria County Council elections.

Three independent candidates are standing for the post: Siobhan Gearing, of Meadow Road, Whitehaven; Charles Maudling, of Sea Lane, Coulderton and Stuart Trevaskis, of Gable Road, Whitehaven.

Monthly meetings are held by Whitehaven town council to discuss a host of issues.

The next meeting is set to take place at the United Reformed Church Hall, in Whitehaven, on Thursday from 7pm.

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