Collabro star Matt speaks out after being assaulted in Carlisle

Matt Pagan from Collabro claims he was assaulted in Carlisle
Matt Pagan from Collabro claims he was assaulted in Carlisle

Britain's Got Talent star Matt Pagan has spoken out after claiming he was assaulted during a night out in Carlisle.

The Collabro singer, who is from the city, said he was punched in the face while with a group of friends in Botchergate.

Matt, 24, who shot to fame during the 2014 series of the popular TV talent show, recently returned to his home city from London, saying he loved being back in Carlisle when not touring.

He is also due to perform with Collabro at the Cumbria Pride festival, in the city centre, next weekend.

But, following a night out in the city on Thursday, he took to Twitter to reveal he had been the victim of assault.

He wrote: "Last night I was assaulted in Carlisle. I'm fine - working with the police to find out who it was. If it was you, we are coming for you."

Speaking to the News & Star, Matt said he had been left with bruising under his left eye from the unprovoked attack.

He said it was in the early hours of Friday, after most of the bars and clubs had closed, that the incident happened.

"I'd met one of my friends that I used to work with, then when he went home I joined some other friends.

"We'd had absolutely cracking night out. We were in the Cumberland, Lloyds, Outrageous. It was great," he said.

But later on, while walking along Botchergate, near Shanghai Shanghai, a group of males threw a glass bottle at them.

There was a discussion between the two groups and one of his friends tried to calm the situation down, which is when Matt stepped in to help.

"I asked them to leave, and that's when he hit me. It was one cheap shot, then he ran off," said the singer.

Following the assault, Matt and his friends went their separate ways and he walked up towards the taxi rank outside the station.

"A girl came up to me and said you need to leave. She said there was a gang of about 10 of them coming back for me," he said.

Worried, Matt hid in the planted area behind the taxi rank.

"I heard them come back. They were asking if anyone had seen Matt Pagan from Collabro," he recalled.

When they'd gone Matt saw a police officer outside the railway station and went across to report the incident. He said they are now investigating, including checking CCTV footage to see if the man, who he believes was wearing a white top, can be seen.

Matt admits he'd had several drinks so his memories were slightly hazy, but said the attack was absolutely unprovoked.

One witness has since come forward and he appealing for anyone else with information to contact the police.

Matt said the incident would not stop him from enjoying a night out in Carlisle in future, but it had left him slightly on edge.

"We are doing Pride next Saturday. Knowing that there was a group of about 10 of them coming back to me was a bit unsettling.

"There's just no need for something like that. To punch someone in the face like that, for no reason. But it's in the hands of the police and hopefully they will find out who it was," he added.

Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to contact Cumbria Police on 101.

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