Carlisle barber shop offers free beer with haircut

From left, barber Kayleigh Seggie, Laura Hodson and Kyle Fisher
From left, barber Kayleigh Seggie, Laura Hodson and Kyle Fisher

Barber Kyle Fisher is offering customers a free beer with a full haircut.

He has transformed an empty shop on Bank Street into Dirty Filthy Barbers.

The new premises is an original, old school barber shop specialising in modern fresh cuts and old school slick classics.

Kyle said: “The idea of a free beer with your haircut came from London. I used to work down there and they used to do it.

“I don’t know of anyone else around here that does it though.

“On the opening weekend we got through a lot of beer – two to three kegs. The customers seem to like it.

“They’ve all been happy so far.”

One of the beers Kyle is giving his customers is Hop House Lager.

Kyle has been working hard on the premises to make it look cool – using wood and pews from an old church and some of the former Lonsdale cinema seats.

He said: “I’ve decorated it with things that interest me.

“My dad sells tiles so I got some cool black and white tiles from him.

“There’s old reclaimed wooden floorboards from a church on the wall, some pews and some old cinema seats from the old Lonsdale Cinema.”

 Kyle Fisher

Kyle Fisher

There are also skateboards, artwork on the walls and colourful pomades.

Customers are also greeted by Dr Dre, Kyle’s blue staffy dog.

He said: “He’s a bit of a novelty. He’s one-year-old and I bring him to work because I can’t leave him at home.”

Kyle used to live in the trendy Shoreditch area of London and in Bondi in Sydney, Australia.

He said of the latest trends: “The blunt fringe is popular at the moment.

“The Peaky Blinders look is still going strong and has been for the last three years and beards are still big business.

“I recently shaved mine off.”

Kyle employs three barbers, one apprentice and one receptionist at his business at 13, Bank Street, next to John Watts coffee shop.

Kyle and his team had been working from Dappa on Castle Street while the new shop underwent renovations.

He left Dappa late last year to start renovating his new shop.

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