Big Brother star's romantic Gretna wedding

Emma and Ben Womack
Emma and Ben Womack

Ben Womack married former Big Brother contestant Emma Greenwood in far from ordinary fashion - his fiancee only found out about the wedding two days before it happened.

Last Friday, on the shores of Windermere, Ben proposed to the unaware reality star, with the ceremony arranged for Sunday, August 6.

But it was long before Sunday that Ben and Emma's wedding journey began.

The story began in December 2016, when Ben set up the secret Facebook group "Operation Mr and Mrs Womack."

The 40-year-old's plans to organise a secret wedding were quickly revealed, as he posted a short video on the page later that month.

In the video he said: "Next year it's my 40th and we're planning on going to the Lakes, that's where we went when we first starting seeing each other.

"Emma thinks we are just going to go up there for a few days, but I'm going to propose to Emma.

"The next day, we're going to drive to Gretna Green, which she doesn't know, and get married."

On the same day, Ben posted a 15 point action plan containing everything he needed to sort, such as a DJ and a honeymoon spot.

"I set the page up to get ideas and to see if I was doing everything right." he told the News & Star.

Family and friends soon started to post in the group to express their support and excitement for the idea, and on January 18, 2017, the wedding date was booked.

Asked about the reasoning behind the Don't Tell the Bride style wedding Ben said: "Emma was always complaining that we didn't do anything romantic, so I thought it would make up for all the times I haven't been romantic!"

Emma's mother Karen soon arranged to take her unsuspecting daughter to try on wedding dresses.

Knowing nothing of Ben's plans, Emma told mum Karen: "God I haven't even got a ring on my finger and I'm trying on dresses."

Two days before the wedding, the pair travelled to Windermere for a romantic getaway.

Still unaware of his plans, Ben proposed to Emma on the shores of the lake.

"We love going out walking and we love the Lake District," he said.

Ben has great admiration for Gretna Green.

He said: "I think it is a lovely place with very nice people. It is the wedding capital.

"We said we'd get married there one day, and we did."

Gretna Green has been famous for run away weddings since 1754.

Each year, people travel from all over the world to get married there.

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