Ford App for Safer Driving


Ford is introducing a new technology that aims to reduce a driver's urge to pick up and look at a mobile device. The SYNC(r) AppLink(r) will project navigation apps directly from a smartphone to the vehicle touch screen.

"Ford understands how customers are using their smartphones, so it's important we offer them more choice in how they connect and control their capabilities in the car," said Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. "Our new SYNC AppLink mobile navigation capability will help keep drivers' eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel while using the apps that they love."

According to study in the USA by the Pew Research Centre, two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone users. Of more than 1,600 who participated in the study, 67 percent said they use their smartphones at least occasionally for turn-by-turn navigation when driving, while 31 percent frequently use navigation apps via their smartphones.

When a mobile phone is connected to the vehicle using a USB cable, control of the Sygic app is removed from the device and the app automatically projects to the vehicle touch screen.