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Thursday, 17 April 2014


PM David Cameron is looking at cuts to the benefits system. Would you welcome changes?

No, he needs to leave things as they are (22%)
Yes, there's a damaging and divisive gap between those in the system and those struggling outside it (78%)

Total Vote Count 538

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yes but unfortunately thanks to Mags we don't produce or export much of anything anymore! And despite all the spin, not much encouragement/assistance is given to anyone who tries to start up a business here!

Posted by Steelworker on 6 July 2012 at 15:09

@ Hedge - Ahhh, I see - so it was the strikers, not the bankers, who made off with all the cash! Thanks for clearing up that misconception, Hedge - just one question though: which strikers, precisely, did the last Labour give in to which led to the collapse of the economy?

Posted by Evil McBad on 29 June 2012 at 09:44

Come along people, you are beginning to sound like a Parliamentary PMs q.t. session. Divided and not moving towards the same objectives.
My qualifying statement re. the above: I have voted Conservative (please read on, thankyou) all my life with the exception being when the much reveered doyen, Mrs. T., saw fit to make the miners children be given food handouts when she was flexing her muscles. This I thought at that time and now absolutely unforgiveable.
I do not regard the present government competant enough to lead this country out of the troubled times we are experiencing, nor do I beleive that Labour is a credible alternative.
Through lack of appropriate governance, both at central and local levels, the 'ordinary' people of this country are being let down because of dogmatic attitudes and radical, sometimes outdated, values, being imposed upon them. This is directly measureable through the seemingly, almost daily, imposition of withdrawal of considerations for the young, the disadvantaged, the elderly.
My previous reference to PMs q.t. : is the principal of all parties coming together, working together with the superordinate goal of doing the best for our country, our people, our future, too impossible to even contemplate? Let us not be split on the one objective that surely we all have. Let us return to being a prosperous and industrious country where we are able to look after the more disadvantaged amongst us. Let us be compassionate, let us be strong and set an example to the rest of the world. Let us all move forward together to achieve our aspirations.
Let us work together so that good, considerate companies are not driven to the wall in these austere times, through the greed of organisations that are here, supposedly, to encourage industry and production.
We need two things: strong, effective leadership, and, co-operation of all to achieve our goals.

Posted by Observer on 28 June 2012 at 18:59

Well re your comments Danleo - if you look back in recent history the tories always get back in after the previous labour govt has made a complete and total hash of it, spent our last penny, and given in to various strikers - the tories then have to come in and fix it, unfortunately the fixing that is required is never going to be popular with everyone - but that's called putting the country first and not their party. I expect the tories will be voted out next time (although I hope not) and if so then we can all expect the same merry go round of labour govt = spend spend bankrupt, and then tory govt = cuts (in fact they're not "cuts" as such they are just not increasing the amounts already spent).

Posted by Hedge on 28 June 2012 at 13:52

I hear what you say Mr Tom Wilson but if you have not worked out how we got into a double dip, may I suggest the following,exercise.
Look carefully at the Tories History, you will find that when ever they get to be the Government they always manage to put million's of ordinary folk out of a job,it seems they can't rule unless they have about 3 million on the dole,so we are all are worried about our jobs, they can bring in there draconian cuts,and their hard right wing policy of divide and conquer, one worker against another, they destroy communities,demoralize,and stigmatise folk that their government put out of work, saying get a job when they know there are no jobs for them.
Most of all they lie,blame every one but them selves for the problem, they are Tom, a most destructive,class conscious, old fashioned nasty party, and it seems they will never change, I wonder how long will it take us all to realize that.(May be Never)

Posted by Danleo on 28 June 2012 at 09:26

a think if they never flooded the country with cheap labour there would be many jobs goingthere coming to this country and not just doing jobs many wouldnt but are taking the good jobs tooso the jobs he thinks are there just aint. many the claiments aint just young its foreign people that get extra for their diet needs plus money towards cars etc. plus theres the loaded gary barlows that make a mint not paying tax yet cameron would rather make the younger adults go into dept. he needs an ethics course asap

Posted by andy cap on 28 June 2012 at 04:45

@Tom Wilson - Your post is so riven with 'Daily Mail' cliches - if I hear one more reference to the 'hard working taxpayer', I may explode. How about directing some of your hatred at the real scroungers, Tom? Tax avoidance by the rich and powerful is the real scandal of the day - and yet you oblige Cameron by cheering as he kicks the poor (yet again) as a diversionary tactic.

Posted by Evil McBad on 27 June 2012 at 18:22

In my experience these comments do not reflect the views of the majority of people in Carlisle. Although people agree there is need for reform, I have yet to meet anyone in my acquaintance that thinks that it's Ok to target the ill, disabled, unemployed or single parent. Now it is the turn of the under 25's, before adding them to the list of undeserving, the government should start insisting that affordable housing is affordable, stop the sell off of social housing, bring in secure tenancies. Fight against proposed changes to employment law and conditions and demand a living wage. Put a cap on the amount of rent allowed to be charged. I am now approaching my twilight years and my family has never faced long term unemployment or homelessness, this I put down to the luck of the draw, rather than lack of fecklessness. The level of security that my generation had is no longer an option for many of the young people today including those that went to university. The young people affected really need to start getting political, it is the only way forward. Join any party and put your concerns and views across and if they don’t respond then start your own political party, whats to lose.


Posted by J on 27 June 2012 at 13:28

In total agreement as a now part time worker with a former employers pension and now hopefully facing retirement at 65 (65+ would surely take another's job Mr Cam) and having first paid tax as a 11 year old on an Xmas bonus for being a paperboy. I now qualify for perhaps a bus pass. Train travel assistance maybe to my hard working eldest son in London or France... ? I may get travel expense reduced for a family member visit , that is if I was in HM Prison. Hmmm, facilities many an OAP might love locally. Wait for the new 51" tv? Stop this culture of the Nanny state full stop. I now face hefty veterinary bills with those on benefits obtaining help. Perhaps reducing EEC social grants to land roving farmers and recollection of some shear waste of city funding's but today's throwaway society is very wasteful. Something for nothing culture beggars belief. My kitchen is 30 years old and still ideal for my home. I work, or have done for all my home comforts. I don't need repeated calls for roof insulation or cavity wall as all done and paid from hard earned money. Not some foreigners of black market earnings. The roof over my home is'nt renewed at public expense. I don't run up never ending credit that will get a bailout. I recent having to buy goods when they are in short of supply that have inflated prices due to this type of demand. I live within my means and if I cannot afford it I wait until I can. Sometimes never. Lastly, I believe I'm one of few motorists that is prepared to drive a good British made roadworthy car from new that has over 100 thousand mileage. The tank is filled at my own expense and I do not in anyway get travel assistance - I get on my bike but I do not agree with financial assistance of the bike to work purchase scheme. Generations of families on benefits not knowing what work is? I've paid the £4 in every pound and now not a penny more at £2 in every pound as I believe I'm one of the the many employed daft folk that's worked all their life while some sit back. A Blue badge parking space paid for out of my fully paid council tax... would be nice but in meantime but for the grace of a god go I.

Posted by Roy on 27 June 2012 at 13:16

the whole thing needs scrapped and started again with a simple setup, giving payments for this and that is ridiculous and it leads to people not wanting to contribute to society and just sponge of those who do!!

Posted by albert on 27 June 2012 at 12:22

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