Award-winning rocker Erin Bennett set for Carlisle debut


TEXAN rocker Erin Bennett will be making her live debut in Carlisle alongside her new band this November.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter is heading to The Source Collective on Saturday 4, ahead of the line-up's new album release.

Having toured across the United States and Europe with her previous bands, performing upwards of 200 gigs each year, Erin is an extremely experienced musician.

Her first band, Syren, formed with acclaimed musicians Amanda Smith-Skinner on bass and Jo Heeley on drums, was filling venues within its first year of touring.

Unfortunately, despite their successful touring schedule and an ever- growing following, in 2011, Syren drummer and Erin's wife, Jo, was diagnosed with breast cancer - the battle against which took her life in January 2012.

Music was Erin’s hold on life, her passion and driving force. Her already powerful sound took on the distinctive raw veracity that was to become her trademark, cutting right to the listener’s core.

Living in Scotland, she won Songwriter of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards in 2012. The pain of the past half-decade was transmuted into music which evolved from her pre-debut folk style to electronica-inspired, bass-fueled rock.

Erin formed a new band, comprising members of Rockbitch, who had made headlines across the UK and Europe, as well as head-hunted local talent.

Leading up to the launch of her album, Post Sexy, Post Truth, Erin will be touring in the UK, including her first visit to Carlisle. She says: "I'm really looking forward to it. I've heard Carlisle's music lovers are something special.

"It's incredible being on the road again! We've had a good couple of tours with this line-up and we click so well. We're like a family.

"I particularly look forward to showcasing our new material. We've come a long way musically since our debut album and I'm excited to share that with new and existing audiences."

Compelling riffs, an unforgettable stage show and soaring vocals define Erin Bennett’s live performances.

Expertly crafted rock numbers underwritten by organ and seductive harmonies from her backing singers bring animation to her compositions.

Describing her live show, she says: "The music is like a cross between modern hard rock and old school prog, so you'll never find a dull musical moment.

"On stage we move, a lot - bags and bags of energy. I get a bit carried away by the music and am constantly running around and our backing singers incorporate some seriously stylish moves alongside their phenomenal harmonies.

"Anyone that wants to walk away feeling energised should come see us live.

"We'll be releasing an album soon - we wanted to really capture what it is like to hear and see us live by recording this way. So anyone that plans on buying a copy of the record really should come along and see us live so they can truly understand the ethos behind the recording itself."

Erin Bennett appears at The Source Collective, in Carlisle, on November 4. Tickets are available from

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